Treasurer's Office

  • Department Overview

    A public school treasurer serves as the chief financial officer for a school district. The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, investment, accounting, and disbursement of all public funds the school district receives as required by law and in accordance with board policies. The Treasurer of an Ohio school district must hold the appropriate certificate to serve as the chief financial officer and reports directly to the Board of Education. While not an elected member of the Board of Education, the Treasurer/CFO serves as the secretary to the board, maintaining official records, documents, contracts, and Board meeting minutes.

    The Treasurer is responsible for the compilation and submission of the Five-Year Forecast. The Five-Year Forecast serves as a tool to assess the financial health of a school district. The Forecast must be submitted twice annually to the Ohio Department of Education (see Ohio Revised Code 5705.391 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-92-04).

    The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget. By law, the Board of Education must adopt a budget by September 30 each year. Each month, the Treasurer compiles monthly financial statements to provide a budget vs. actual analysis. This information guides operational decisions and provides updates to the Five-Year Forecast.

    The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of an annual financial report. An audited Annual Comprehensive Financial Report issuance is required by January 1. This report includes financial statements, budget statements, and statistical information about the District and the services and programs it provides. A Popular Annual Financial Report provides an unaudited summary of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. 

    The Treasurer is also responsible for the oversight of daily operations of the Treasurer’s department, which includes the processing of receipts, payroll and benefits administration, vendor registration, accounts payable, fixed assets, and non-sufficient funds processing.

Alexander Hix, Treasurer
Lori Pyers, Assistant Treasurer
Luann Jordan, Clerk-Cashier/EMIS Coordinator
  • Financial Documents

  • How to Read a Five-Year Forecast

    Recognizing the importance of discussing school district finances, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has developed this guide to assist teachers, administrators, Boards of Education, community members, and other individuals in developing a general understanding of a school district’s five-year forecast.

    Additionally, this document includes ODE’s perspective of the forecast’s purpose, O.R.C. and O.A.C. requirements for school district forecasts, definitions of key terms, an expectation of key lines, some general beliefs on what a “good” forecast should contain, and a line-by-line explanation of the forecast.