Name: Mr. Jerry Black
    Industrial Eduacation grades 9-12
    Phone/Ext.: (937)335-7070 ext.3213
    Email:  jblack@miamieast.k12.oh.us
    Building/Room No.: High School/3213
    Welcome to the High School Shop Web Page. From here you will be able to find web sites with woodworking plans and information related to many shop projects.  Enjoy your visit. 
    Miami East High School Shop Discipline Plan 2023/2024

    Rules listed in the Student Handbook will be enforced inthe classroom at all times.


    1.      The student is tobe in the classroom in his/her seat when the bell rings and to be ready for the teacher to start class.

    2.      There is to be notalking while the teacher is talking. The student will raise his/her hand andseek permission to speak out in class. When there is permission to talk do soquietly to ensure that privilege is not taken away.

    3.      The student is not to touch any shop equipment without permission. (Lab demonstrations, lab equipment, chalkboard, teacher’s desk, projectors or other school equipment.)

    4.      Be courteous  and respecrful to everyone in the classroom.

    5.      The student is to use his/her best effort to follow the teacher’s directions.

    Listed in the student hand book are three topics which I would like to high light in my classroom.

    1.      Number 6 lists disrespect or noncompliance. As listed throughout my classroom rules students will be silent when the teacher is talking and be courteous and respectful to everyone in the Classroom. This classroom policy is strictly backed by number 6 in the handbook. Profanity will fall under this topic of disrespect andnoncompliance.

    2.      Number 7 statesthat disruption or interference with curricular and/or co-curricular is aserious matter and this will not be tolerated in the shop as someone might missout on vital information that could result in grave injury. This policy will bestrictly adhered to.

    3.      Number 13 Tobacco and related products. .



    1st OFFENSE - 15 Minute after School Detention. After SchoolDetention requires the student to do some form of manual labor (i.e. cleaningworkbenches, washing walls, sweeping the floor, etc.) or the student may takethe option of the 60 minute school wide detention.  Failure to serve adetention will have the same consequence dictated in student handbook. It iscompletely at my discretion as to whether or not a student will serve a 15minute detention for a minor infraction. In other words, if I think itnecessary to simply assign the school wide detention, that is my option.





    GradingPolicies for All Wood Shop Classes


    Daily grades

    20 point daily grade is given on most days.


    Included in your 20 points are 15 points for class andlab participation and 5 points for clean-up.


    You can lose points by not participating, by notfollowing directions, or by misbehaving.

    If there are 5 days in a week your total will be 100points for the week. If there are 3 days in a week you will have 6o possiblepoints for the week.


    Quiz Grades

    Quiz grades usually will be worth 20 points each; this includes safety quizzes tool quizzes and any other quiz I can think of.


    Test Grades

    Test Grades are always worth 100 points.


    Safety QuizRequirements

    All safetyquizzes require 100% passage in order to use that particular machine.  You will take the quiz until you achieve this mastery level. I only record the first quiz taken for grading purposes.



    I have read and understand everything presented in this document.

    I understand that being in MiamiEast’s Wood Program is a privilege and if I abuse this privilege, I will be removed to make room for one of the many students that were turned away this year.




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    Miami East High School Shop Discipline Plan 2023/2024
    E- Calamity Day Assignments are as follows:
    E-Day Assignment #1
    Look up one of the listed furniture styles and write a 5 sentence paratgraph on the Design Philosophy of that specific style.
    Styles of Furniture
    -Arts & Crafts
    -Early American
    -William and Mary
    -Queen Anne
    -Pennsylvania Dutch
    -Robert Adam
    -Duncan Phyfe
     -E-Day Assignment #2
     Research careers in woodworking and type a one page scholarly paper on a career in woodworking. Please include information on schooling, pay, current trends of the career, and employment levels. Paper will be graded on content and grammer.
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