• Art 1

    Art I is an introduction to art.  It is planned to be of general interest and value to all students who have an interest in art.  Students will learn various drawing techniques, pottery, and careers in art.



     Unity, theme, variety, proportion, balance, movement, orientation, and placement


    Line, shape, form, pattern, texture, space, size, and color


    Quarter I: Basic Drawing Unit

    ·        Contour Drawing, Paper, hands, heads, & still life

    ·        Value Drawing, Paper, hands, heads, & still life

    ·        Gesture Drawing, Figure

    ·        Artist Report

    ·        Artist Example


    Quarter II: Perspective Unit

    ·        Aerial Perspective, Landscape in water color

    ·        Contour Perspective, Three sections of a single aspect of nature

    ·        Textural Perspective, Inventive Texture Drawing

    ·        Scale Perspective, Animal kingdom

    ·        1 point & 2 point perspective, Perspective collage


    Quarter III: Career Unit

    ·        Career Portfolio, research, reflection, hands-on

    ·        Cartooning

    ·        Advertising Design, Package yourself

    ·        Pop Drawing

    ·        Computer art


    Quarter IV:          3-D Unit

    ·        Clay, pinch, coil, slab, subtractive carving

    ·        Wire Sculpture

    ·        Paper-Mache



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