• Clays and Fibers

    Clays &Fibers is working with clay using the following hand built methods: Pinch, coil, and slab.  The students will also use fibers for coil pieces, tapestries, batiks, and tie-dyes.


    First Semester:  Fiber Unit

    ·       Coil Fiber Baskets

    ·      Tapestry

    ·       Multi-colored Fabric Printing

    ·       Fabric Collage

    ·       Batik

    ·       Direct Dye

    ·       Tie-dye


    Second Semester:  Clay Unit

    ·       Pinch Pot

    ·       Coil Method

    ·       Slab Impression Pot

    ·       Clay Carving

    ·       Functional Box

    ·       Cave Sculpture

    ·       Bizarre Textures

    ·       Ceramic Masks

    ·       Free Piece




Last Modified on August 13, 2009