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    Miami East High School Concert Band 2016-2017



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    Miami East High School Concert Band 2015-2016

     Concert Band - Photographer, Kelly Cook


    Miami East High School Concert Band 2013-2014


    Concert Band


    First Row - Lauren Koontz, Bailey Gerardi, Abigail Smith, Hannah Davis, Ashley Burns, Maddy Parker

    Second Row: Shelly Lisle, Kara Kallen, Emily Brown, Noah Tucker, Caitlin Justice, Kari Willenbrink, Brittney Cook, Kayla Zirkle

    Third Row: Justin Deweese, Adam Bick, Emily Randall, Brendan Speck, Matthew Amheiser, Chris Coppock, Travis Dever, Andy Harmon, Abby Bick

    Fourth Row: Alyssa Francis, Melissa Coates, Hannah Carpenter, Erin Redick, Dustin Hafer, Cole Garrett

    Not pictured: Logan Armstrong, Mr. Smith, Director (and photographer), Mr. Lozano, Asst.





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    MEHS Concert Band                        

                            Mr. Jeffrey Smith, Director   Mr. Omar Lozano, Asst. Director



    Course Description:


    Participation in band trains the student in the use of different styles of music, coordination of playing and marching styles, practical skills of playing an instrument and participation in an ensemble.  The student should also achieve a sense of team effort to accomplish a goal.  Attendance is required at all concerts, after-school rehearsals and events unless a written excuse is submitted and deemed acceptable (a family emergency, personal illness, etc.). 




    Grading is based on the following criteria:


    10 points are set aside for Participation grade

    ¨       Following directions and having a positive contribution to rehearsal

    ¨       Lack of disruptive behavior and or actions (following the posted rules)

    ¨       Attendance and promptness (not being late)


    10 for Performance and Playing grade

    ¨       The giving of a honest effort to attain goals set in class

    ¨       Noticeable desire to improve

    ¨       Respecting other’s property and your ability to work effectively with others


    Performances are worth 100 points and the missing of a performance will automatically drop your letter grade one full mark, in addition to the 100 points you will have lost.  Other assignments and projects may be given and the point value will be assigned along with the assignment.  Mandatory means mandatory…only pre-approved excuses are excused.  Notifying the director does not mean the absence is approved!  We do have after-school and evening activities, so be aware that these will announced in advance and are required!


    Excused absences will not be calculated into the final total of points earned.


    Basketball Band


    Each member of Concert Band will be required to participate in Basketball band.  The way the schedule is set up, you will be required to attend half of the Boys Home Basketball games.  If you cannot attend a game for which you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a sub for that game.  Absences must be excused, as this is considered a performance grade.  Extra attendance will result in extra credit and other special privileges.  We order pizza for most games, so come hungry.


    Please consult the Music Department Handbook for any other questions or clarification.



    Outside of class sectional/practice requirements:


    In the effort to achieve great things for our ensemble this year, certain things must happen for us to succeed.  We will have MANDATORY after school sectionals when preparing music for concert/contest.  If you cannot attend your scheduled sectional, you must schedule a make up time with Mr. Smith.  We will have approximately 2-3 rounds of sectionals this year.  Also, a new component of the sectional work will be practice requirements during these sectional times.  You may also need to practice your parts outside of scheduled rehearsals.  If there is a continued problem with your progress and effort to improve at a rate that the group requires for success, you will be placed on a practice program to help you achieve the goals we all need you to accomplish for us to meet our group potential. You will have to log practice time that will be turned into me over certain areas of the music.  These records will be signed by a parent/guardian that states that your practice record is a truthful reflection of time spent working on your music.  Outside practice records will not happen every week, they will be assigned when deemed necessary by the director.  They will count as one day’s rehearsal grade.  The amount of time needed to practice may or may not be specified.  The validity of your practice record will be checked against improvement in class (individual and section playing) and practice requirements may be assigned to individuals or sections as needed.




     Please consult the Music Department Handbook for any other questions or clarification.








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