Rated Superior in OMEA class B 2011
     Rated Superior in OMEA class A 2012 and top 5 Jr. high mixed choirs in the state of Ohio 
     Rated Superior in OMEA class A 2013
    Rated Superior in OMEA class A 2014
    Rated Superior in OMEA class A 2015 All Male Choir TBB rated Excellent in OMEA class A  


    About The Course: This class will cover music suited for the middle school voice.  The class will warm up on a daily basis.  The director will instruct students on how to approach sight-reading.  Director will model performance expectations for class.  Students will learn how to work as a team learining to sing in parts, proper breath support, and good tone.  Music selected will be determined by the director.  Class grade will be determined by class participation, attitude, concept of subject and attendance to contests and performances .  Recordings of music covered in class can be made available to the student if he or she requests.  Choir officers are nominated and elected.  These officers assist the director with attendance and keeping track of students doing other class work during choir.  Students must maintain passing grades to continue being enrolled in class.   

    2015-2016 Miami East Honor Choir Schedule 
    Wednesday, December 9 Choir Concert 6:15pm meet time begins at 7pm in K8 building(dress nice)
    Saturday, April 16 Jr. High Solo and Ensemble site TBA(dress nice)
    Saturday, May 7 OMEA Jr. High Band/Choir Contest @ Beavercreek HS (dress nice choir robes)
    Wednesday, May 11 Spring Choir Concert 6:15pm meet time begins at 7pm in K8 building (dress nice) 
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