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    Jazz Band 2016-2017





    Jazz Band at the Fairfield Commons Mall 2016




     Miami East Jazz Band 2014-2015



    Check out the Audio section to hear the recording from the
    Miami East High School Jazz Band performance
    at the Weekend of Jazz!
    Jazz Band at BeavercreekJazz Band at Beavercreek

    MEHS Jazz Band
    Fairfield Commons Mall 2013
    Jazz 13


    MEHS Jazz Band
    Fairfield Commons Mall 2012
    Jazz 2012

    MEHS Jazz Band
    Fairfield Commons Mall 2011
    Jazz Band 11

    Jazz Band at Fairfield Commons Mall 2009

    Happy Holidays!


    Jazz Band @ FFC 2009


    Miami East Jazz band with Santa at Fairfield Commons Mall
                                           December 2008                                     

    Jazz Band with Santa 2009

    Miami East Jazz band with Santa at Fairfield Commons Mall
                        December 2007                      

    Jazz band with Santa 08

    Course Description:



    The MEHS Jazz Band is a small ensemble devoted to performing music of the American Popular Culture, past and present.  The ensemble, usually consisting of 12 – 18 performers, meets daily during 8th period.  Because the ensemble meets during the school day, it is only open to high school students.  Acceptance into the ensemble is through audition which occurs during the first week of the school year.  The Jazz Band performs at Holiday and Spring Concerts and various community performances.





    Grading is based on the following criteria:


    10 points are set aside for Participation grade

    ¨       Following directions and having a positive contribution to rehearsal

    ¨       Lack of disruptive behavior and or actions (following the posted rules)

    ¨       Attendance and promptness (not being late)


    10 for Performance and Playing grade

    ¨       The giving of a honest effort to attain goals set in class

    ¨       Noticeable desire to improve

    ¨       Respecting other’s property and your ability to work effectively with others



    Performances are worth 50 points and the missing of a performance will automatically drop your letter grade on full mark, in addition to the possible 50 points you will have lost.


    Other assignments and projects may be given and the point value will be assigned along with the assignment.  You may need to practice at home, or we will not meet our goals, and thus your grade will suffer.  This class should have everyone with an “A”, but the reality is that it is not an easy “A” for those unwilling to reach the goals set for them.


    Excused absences will not be calculated into the final total of points earned.


    Outside of class rehearsal requirements:


    In the effort to achieve great things for our ensemble this year (and fill out the instrumentation), certain things must happen for us to succeed.  We will have MANDATORY after school rehearsals when preparing music for concerts and performances.  You must be able to clear certain afternoons for rehearsal.  We will have full after-school rehearsals approximately once every two weeks (the other week will be for outside players).  You may also need to practice your parts outside of scheduled rehearsals.  If there is a continued problem with your progress and effort to improve at a rate that the group requires for success, you will be placed on a practice program to help you achieve the goals we all need you to accomplish for us to meet our group potential.


    Please consult the Music Department Handbook for any other questions or clarification





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