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    2023-24 Description of FFA Activities



    Description of Miami East FFA Activities


    What’s going on in the Miami East FFA Chapter?  Everything you need to know to get involved!


    Ag Career Fair

    Ag Career Fair is coordinated by the Ag Career Skills Committee.  The career fair is held during lunch where various agriculture related careers come in and talk. All students in the high school are encouraged to attend. Door prizes are given out, but in order to win you have to answer questions from each career represented.


    Ag Day

    Ag Day is when Kindergartners from different county schools come to the Miami County Fairgrounds for a day of fun activities. The objective of the day is that students learn where their food comes from. Stations typically include: Farm Safety, Petting Zoo, pork education, soybean and corn education, milk and cookies, and much more. Only students with Cs or better in all classes can attend the day.


    Agriscience Fair

    Any student that is interested in conducting agriculture research can participate in the State Agriscience Fair at the State FFA Convention. The categories are wide open with opportunities in zoology, biology, food science, and much more. Cash prizes are awarded to outstanding research projects. If you’re really good you can take your project onto national competition.


    Agricultural Sales Career Development Event

    The Agricultural Sales CDE will consist of three parts: an objective test, oral sales presentation, and a series of practicums. Each team member will sell an agricultural product and create a sales presentation for the product.  The CDE will be a team event consisting of four students. All team members will participate in the test and sales presentation components of the CDE, each of the members will participate in a different sales practicum.


    Alumni Chapter

    The Miami East FFA Alumni Chapter is for anyone interested in supporting agricultural education and the FFA.  They didn’t have to have been a past member of FFA, or have a student in FFA, or even graduated from Miami East. They put on Basket Bingo Fundraiser, the silent auction at the banquet and a Quarter Auction in the spring.  Their money goes towards sending members to conventions and FFA camp.


    Animal Behavior, Welfare and Husbandry Career Development Event

    Animal behavior & animal welfare education has a responsibility to ensure an educated public and to help

    prepare students to enter careers in the industry. The purpose of the animal behavior & welfare career

    development event is to stimulate student interest and to promote education in the basics of understanding

    animals’ evolutionary biology, their biological needs, and indicators of differing levels of welfare and how to

    holistically evaluate different facilities, husbandry and management.


    Corn Challenge

    Biggest ear? Longest ear? Fattest ear? Which corn has the highest yield? Members are challenged to find a corn ear with the highest predicted yield. All participants will receive a prize and/or bonus points. Prizes will be given for overall winners. The participants must provide variety and population rate with their submission.


    Chapter and State Officers

    Students will be selected to serve as a Chapter Officer through an application, interview, slating, and member selection process. Any member wishing to grow their personal skills and serve the members of the FFA are encouraged to challenge themselves in this way. Officers are asked to enroll in an Officer Period during the normal school day to receive additional credit and complete their officer responsibilities. Students wishing to take their leadership experiences to the next level can interview and be selected to serve as a State FFA Officer. This is a year of service to the members of the Ohio FFA Association.


    Cruise-In For Suicide Prevention

    Thanks to our generous supporters, we are able to host a car, truck, and tractor show in the fall. Students get a discount in the entry fee. This is conducted in memory of Hunter Sharp, a former FFA member, chapter officer, and American FFA Degree recipient. All proceeds are donated for suicide prevention and education awareness.


    District/Regional and State Evaluations

    All FFA members have the opportunity to earn many awards and degrees as an FFA member.  Beginning your sophomore year through your senior year you have the opportunity to complete a proficiency application that highlights your AGRICULTURAL SAE.  If your SAE meets the minimum qualifications for your proficiency area you can apply for a proficiency award.  By applying you have the opportunity to win cash prizes and more.


    As a Junior, Senior and Graduate you can apply for your State FFA Degree.  You must meet the minimum qualifications of the state FFA Degree to apply.  As a graduate you can apply for your American FFA Degree.

    The National Chapter Application is also evaluated at this time.  The National Chapter Application highlights the activities we develop here at Miami East.  Because of your participation and enthusiasm in all the FFA activities we have been ranked a Top Ten Chapter for the past several years. The chapter Reporter, Secretary, and Treasurer submit their officer books for evaluations.


    Equine Management Career Development Event

    The Horse Management CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students current horse evaluation and selection techniques and management.  Students will identify tack and equipment, feed samples, and place horse and hay classes.


    Farm Safety Day/Farm Safety Week/Drive Your Tractor To School Day

    Farm Safety Day is a day where the Miami East second graders learn about basic farm safety. Juniors and Seniors (Communications and Leadership) create the lessons and teach the day’s activities.  This day was started in order to help prepare non-farm background students in the issues and concerns of living in a rural area. During Farm Safety Week students and staff will be encouraged to use caution on the road as they share the roadway with farm equipment. All students will be invited to drive their tractor to school.


    FFA Camp

    FFA camp takes place during the summer and offers many fun activities while there.  Just ask anyone who has attended in the past.  Your five days at camp will be packed full of activities.  Some of the activities include: a dance, archery, motor boats, canoes, kayaks, swimming, sporting events, rifle and shotgun ranges, high ropes courses, and adventure valley just to name a few.  Take advantage of this opportunity!!!!


    FFA Fruit Sales/Strawberry Sales

    Each student will be required to sell $350 worth of fruit.  The class with the highest average per person will receive a pizza party. If you do not participate in fruit sales you will not be able to participate in Ag Day. You sell $350 worth of fruit to receive a 3% commission. The person selling the most fruit will receive a $50.00 bonus.


    Strawberries are marketed in the later winter. Student participation helps defer the cost of trips and other FFA expenses.


    FFA Meetings (and the perks of meetings FOOD, FOOD, FOOD)

    Meetings are the fourth Monday of every month.  We have committees and do committee reports.  One month we have a softball game before one of the meeting against another FFA Chapter.  Our meetings are typically brief with refreshments afterwards. This is a required activity and students can earn bonus points for getting involved in the activities at the meetings.


    Food Science and Technology Career Development Event

    To stimulate learning activities in food science and technology related to the food industry and to assist students in developing a good working knowledge of sound principles used in a team decision-making process.  Students will complete taste tests, aroma tests, a multiple choice written test, and create a product display.


    General Livestock Career Development Event

    The General Livestock CDE is an educational program designed as a practical method of teaching students to recognize quality production animals. Students will evaluate beef, swine, and sheep.  The skills students learn in evaluating general livestock should make them better livestock producers and consumers by giving them practical experience in identifying and understanding characteristics that affect production and quality.


    Greenhand Degree Ceremony

    The Greenhand Degree Ceremony is when the first year FFA members get their degrees. A special ceremony is held in the high school cafeteria so that parents can help celebrate these students’ accomplishments. Each student will earn their Greenhand FFA Degree pin and a certificate of their degree.


    Grain Merchandising Career Development Event

    The purpose of this competition is to stimulate interest in the area of grain merchandising and to make students aware of the complex decision-making process associated with merchandising agricultural products. Members learn about buying selling grain and complete an online test.


    Job Interview Career Development Event

    The purpose of the Job Interview CDE is to assist FFA members in the development of oral and written skills that are used during the job application and interview process.  Students will create a resume, fill out a job application pertaining to the selected agricultural job, complete an interview, and compose a follow-up thank you letter.


    Leadership Night

    All students will attend the leadership night at Miami East.  The State FFA Officers will be invited to Miami East High School to deliver their leadership program.  The activities are very hands-on and fun and will give you the opportunity to meet other FFA members from the county and district and speak with the State Officers.  Free pizza concludes the evening. This activity is only offered every-other year.

    Little Libraries for the ME Community

    Our chapter operates 7 Little Free Libraries within the Miami East Community. The libraries are used newspaper boxes and are refreshed each month. This project was made available due to a grant and the kind donation of materials and books from community members.


    Meats Evaluation Career Development Event

    Prime vs. Choice. What’s the difference? FFA members learn the different meat cuts and work with industry experts to understand what cuts of meat come from various carcass cuts and how to evaluate yield and quality grades of beef, pork, and lamb. Practices are held weekly with various additional practices throughout the school year.


    Member of the Month

    Each month the officers select a member who has gone above and beyond the other members. Students selected for the Members of the Month will be recognized at the monthly meeting, earn a certificate, have their picture placed in the Ag Room, and receive a medallion.


    Miami County Fair/Shop and Crop/Judging Contests

    In the Shop and Crop activities projects we make in the shop are put in the Shop and Crop Department at the Miami County Fair to be judged. During the Judging contests, students judge three species in two classes each.  They are judged on the placing of the animals and the questions they answer on those animals. Miami East FFA coordinates this activity for all junior fair participants.


    Miami East FFA Parent-Member Banquet

    The Miami East FFA Banquet highlights the members and chapters achievements throughout the last year.  Members are provided with a delicious banquet meal and recognized with awards, plaques and trophies for their accomplishments. Highlights are the Alumni’s silent auction, the chapter’s live auction for FFA Camp scholarships, and the slideshow.  The banquet is mandatory and you must wear official dress.


    Minnesota-Ohio Leadership Exchange

    In order to expand our knowledge of agriculture and the community we live in, members are encouraged to participate in the chapter-exchange with the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. One year ME FFA hosts their members and the next year we visit them. This takes place during the summer.


    National FFA Convention

    National FFA Convention takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana in the fall.  The National Convention recognizes FFA members for their outstanding achievements and has some very impressive keynote speakers.  The career show offers FFA members exposure to the variety and diversity of agriculture through fun-filled activities.  You will have the opportunity to tour sites around the Indianapolis area and attend some fun social activities like the FFA dance. 


    Passion Projects by the Chapter Officers

    Each chapter officer is given the challenge to conduct a Passion Project related to something they are passionate about. It can educate, provide service, or raise awareness for an issue in our school, community, or the agriculture industry. Past Passion Projects have been creative and engaging.


    Parliamentary Procedures Career Development Event

    The Parliamentary Procedure (Parli Pro) CDE is an assessment of students’ abilities to participate effectively in a business meeting or other group decision-making situation. The team consists of individuals who conduct a mock meeting and answer oral questions. There are two contests for this – a Varsity team and a Novice/Greenhand team(s).



    We are a very fortunate group to have a supportive community and are able to pass along funds to children in needs. The official charities of the Miami East FFA are March of Dimes, Children’s Hospital of Dayton, and more. Special projects will be conducted to raise additional funds. FFA is able to coordinate the Little Library Book Exchange program throughout the school district.


    POA Committee and their expectations

    In POA Committees you need to accomplish something each time you meet.  You need to complete at least one major project each semester.  Committees will meet in class and plan their events for future activities. The efforts a committee puts forth will be evaluated and grades assigned. This is every member’s opportunity to plan, organize, and conduct the efforts of the entire chapter.


    Project WILD

    Project WILD is where the Miami County Soil and Water District comes in and teaches us about wildlife, conservation, and wildlife habitats for a week.  Then, members create lesson plans and hands-on activities to teach the elementary students what we learned.


    Public Speaking

    To develop agricultural leadership by providing FFA members the opportunity to participate in agricultural public speaking activities members can compete in various contests. There are four public speaking CDEs:

    1. Creed - recite the creed from memorization and answer questions (freshman)
    2. Beginning Prepared - Prepare an agricultural speech, recite it, and answer questions (freshman, sophomore, or first time in Ag Junior or Senior)
    3. Extemporaneous - Draw a topic, in 30 minutes prepare an impromptu speech about the topic, present the speech and answer questions (freshman through Senior)
    4. Prepared - Prepare an agricultural speech, recite it, and answer questions (Junior or Senior)


    Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event

    The Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event encourages learning through activities relative to production and management, processing, marketing and food safety and quality of poultry and poultry products. Members learn to grade carcasses and interior and exterior eggs, identify retail cuts, and more.


    Rural/Agricultural Soil Judging Career Development Event

    The rural soils judging CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to evaluate land and soil to determine its greatest safe potential use.  You will be evaluating soil pits and determining the soil ratings and classifications. A written test and test on the use of a County’s Soil Survey will also be taken.


    State FFA Convention

    The State FFA Convention takes place in May in Columbus, Ohio.  The State Convention recognizes FFA members for their outstanding achievements and has some very impressive keynote speakers.  This is a two-day convention with opportunities to be a member of the State FFA Band and/or State FFA Choir.


    State Greenhand Conference

    The Versailles FFA Chapter hosts the Greenhand Conference.  The conference is open to freshman and is an excellent opportunity to get involved and learn more about the FFA.  National FFA Officers, State Officers and other FFA members put on a fun program filled with hands on activities.


    Tire Recycling Day

    In a cooperative effort with the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District, our members unload and load thousands of tires that are sent to be recycled. This takes place at the Miami County Fairgrounds.


    Tractor Trouble Shooting (a.k.a. Agricultural and Industrial Diagnosis) Career Development Event

    This CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to recognize malfunctions of gasoline or diesel engines and to eliminate problems. The skills agriculture education students learn in tractor troubleshooting make them better tractor and equipment operators by giving them practical experience in identifying and correcting engine malfunctions.


    Urban Soil Judging Career Development Event

    The urban land and soil judging CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to evaluate land and soil to determine its potential use for urban, home site, and other non-farm uses.  Soil pits will be evaluated to determine these uses and a multiple-choice test and Soil Survey Test will also be given.



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