• School Supplies

    English 9

       Recommended Supplies

          Colored Pencils/Pens for Revision Work
          Earbuds or Headphones so you do not have to share the classroom set
       Required Supplies
          One single subject/college ruled notebook
          Writing implements - blue/black pens/pencils
          Loose leaf paper - college ruled preferred
          Small Binder - around 1 inch
          Highlighters - at least three different colors (red, blue, and green preferably)
          Multi-colored pens - red, blue, and green
          Post-it notes - standard size
          Notecards for vocabulary 

    **Mrs Perry’s class is technology friendly. If you wish to bring in an iPad or laptop for your use, please feel free to do so as long as you are complying with the school’s technology policy. Please understand that Mrs. Perry and the school are not responsible in any way for the care of any technology that you may choose to use in this class. In addition, cell phones are NOT an approved technology unless given specific permission in specific circumstances. DO NOT USE A CELL PHONE WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.

        Bring any work for other classes and anything that you need help completing. If you do not have work and we are not doing an FYI activity, you will be assigned reading/writing tasks to help build your Language Skills or you will be assigned math practice tasks.
Last Modified on August 21, 2023