• Calculators Necessary for Miami East High School
    In the summer, the specials for the graphing calculators can be found in most
    local retail stores.  You can even buy a used TI-84 Silver Edition online. 

    Algebra 1:

    Accelerated Algebra 1 & Accelerated Geometry:

    TI-30 XIIS: 
    (You should already have this 
    one in red from 8th Grade!)    

    We would like everyone that is on the Accelerated or Honors Track to consider the TI-84 Plus CE. We require it in our Algebra 2 classes and beyond, but we would like students in the freshmen and sophomore math classes to get more years of usage for their money. This is why we are asking Accelerated Students to purchase one. 

    TI 30 XIIS TI 84 Plus CE
    Online Calculators:
    There are several websites that offer some form of a graphing calculator.  The calculators will look different than your hand-held one, but you will be able to create the graphs that you need to complete your homework.  In many cases, you will be able to save the image to your computer and/or print off the graphs.
    Here are just a few to get you started! Please find some other cool or better online graphing calclulators and then let me know!!! I will post the site for others to use!!!









Last Modified on July 19, 2018