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  • Weekly assignments will be given for Study Island.  Students are required to answer at least 10 questions in each topic assigned.  Students will be given a grade according to their percentage of questions answered correctly.  If a student is not happy with their score after the initial questions, then the student may answer more questions to raise their percentage.  Each assignment will be worth 10 points.  A grade will be given for each assignment according to the following scale:
    100% to 81%             10 points
    80% to 71%                9 points
    70% to 61%                8 points
    60% to 51%                7 points
    50% and below            6 points
    Less than 10                           
      questions answered      0 points
    Study Island is used to reinforce skills previously learned in class.  It is vital for students to answer the required questions on their own and to use the explaination option on missed questions to clarify missed concept.
Last Modified on August 14, 2012