• Behavior Plan


    All 5th grade teachers will be using the following behavior plan.


    2 Blue Tags = Viking Pride -- Student has been caught doing something good.

    Green Tag = Lunch Detention -- Classwork or Homework is incomplete.
    Yellow Tag = Warning -- 10 minutes lost recess --Inappropriate Behavior

    Orange Tag = 20 minutes lost recess -- Continued inappropriate Behavior

    Red Tag = 30 minutes lost recess and a phone call home-- Continued inappropriate Behavior

    2 Red Tags = In school suspension -- conference with parents

    3 Red Tags = In school Suspension -- conference with parents and principal


    Teachers usually handle all discipline using the above mentioned behavior plan. However the 5th grade teachers reserve the right to skip the necessary steps based on the severity of the behavior. Severe infractions, such as fighting, theft, etc., could lead to out of school suspension.


    NO assignment will be accepted after 1 week past the due date!!!!!

Last Modified on August 19, 2016