1)  Come to class on time.
       2)  Come to class well organized & prepared.  Always bring to class the following: textbook,
             pencil, pen, assignment, paper, binder, & passbook.
       3)  Stay in your seat until you are dismissed by me.
       4)  Show respect towards the teacher, other students, & physical property in the room.
       5)  If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up any missed work.  You must come 
             to me, I will not come to you.
       6)  Don't cheat - do your own work!
       7)  No cell phones!
       I expect all students to be on their best behavior & to perform to the best of their ability.  
       If at any time you need help, please ask.
       Binder, Paper, Pencil, Pen (blue or black), Colored pencils (optional), Crayons (optional), 
       Markers (optional)
       1)  All notes, handouts, labs, tests, & other papers should be dated & kept in order by date
             in your binder.
       2)  All homework & labs will be due the next day of class unless you are instructed
       3)  Turn in assignments on time.
       4)  Assignments need to be written so that anyone can read it.
       5)  Tests will be announced at least 2 days in advance.  If you know about the test & are
             absent the day before the test you are responsible for taking it when you return.
       6)  Grades are figured by adding up all points & dividing by total possible points.
       If you exhibit unwanted behavior these are the consequences.  Depending on behavior,
       consequences may not occur in order.
       1)  Warning
       2)  Detention
       3)  Meeting with parents / visit to office
    Science Lab Procedures
    1)  Never play with lab equipment or materials.
    2)  Always follow instructions & wait until you are told to begin  before starting any lab.

    3)  Never carry out any unassigned experiments.

    4)  Never eat or taste anything in the lab.

    5)  Wear safety goggles when instructed to do so.

    6)  Use sharp instruments with care.

    7)  Report all injuries or accidents to the teacher immediately.

    8)  Wash your hands after every experiment.

    9)  Stay in your group & on task.

    10) Ask if you have questions.

    11) Make sure all equipment is clean & put away after the lab.

    12) Make sure everyone knows what is going on in the lab, there will be quizzes or tests over the labs.
     The link will take you to the Lab Write-Up Format that we will need throughout the year.
Last Modified on August 21, 2017