Family and Consumer Science Classes


    Supplies: Sturdy folder or small binder, paper, pencils/pens


    Classroom Rules: 


    1. Come to class prepared.

    2. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings, ready to learn.

    3. No Cell Phones or any other electronic device.

    4. Keep the room neat and orderly.

    5. Dress and speak appropriately. No foul, disrespectful, or crude language.

    6. Do not enter the laundry room without permission.

    7. Keep all papers and recipes for notebook checks.

    8. Do not line up at the door waiting for the bell to ring.  You must stay in the lab or in a seat.


    Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: No Cell Phones or any other electronic device during class without permission.  Electronic devices must be put in the blue bin by the door and retrieved when leaving the classroom.  A detention will be assigned if you refuse to follow the rules.  Electronic devices may be used with permission if pertaining to class, during study hall, and meeting period.  




    1. Verbal Warning, unless it is dangerous or highly offensive

    2. Assigned Detention

    3. Any ongoing behavior problems will be discussed with the parents and administration.




    Cheating will result in a zero for all parties involved.  All work should be put into your own words.  Plagiarism will result in a zero. 




    Homework Policy – ALL HOMEWORK MUST BE FULLY COMPLETED!! Taking notes is a daily homework assignment. Failure to do so will result in the below consequences.




    - 1st offense: Warning (must still be completed)


    - 2nd offense: Warning (must still be completed)


    - 3rd offense: Detention (must still be completed)


    - 4th or more offenses: Saturday School (must still be completed)




    Passes out of class: You must sign out to leave class.  




    1. Good attendance is essential.

    2. Straight point system is used, no weighting.

    3. Tests, folders, and projects are usually worth 100 points or more.

    4. Notebook checks are worth 30 points or more.

    5. Food labs, kitchen checks, worksheets, homework, and in-class assignments range from 5-25 points.

    6. Assignments will be accepted one day late and will be dropped a letter grade.

    7. It is your responsibility to get your make-up work and turn it in when assigned.


    Food Lab


    1. Food lab grades are 25 points

    2. Grades are based on reading the recipe and following directions.

    3. Students should measure correctly, follow the correct process, and obtain the desired finished product.

    4. Students need to cooperate with other group members, rotate duties, and clean their kitchens thoroughly. 

    5. When lab is completed, students need to fill in the lab journal explaining what they did and the results of the lab.

    6. Behavior is also part of the lab grade.  Snapping towels, playing with the sink sprayer, flour fights, running, etc. will result in lost points.

    7. 2 lab absences are allowed per quarter.  If you miss lab due to a school sponsored function then it does not count against you.  After two lab absences the student may do an alternative assignment to earn the points or will be given a zero for the lab.

    8. Kitchen checks are worth 25 points.  If all supplies are accounted for and organized each student will receive 25 points.  If anything is missing or out of place each student in the group will receive a zero.  Checks will be conducted randomly.




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    I have read the attached letter and accept these policies. 




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    Parent / Guardian Name (print): (Circle one: Mr. Mrs. Ms.)__________________________________________________




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