PE   Physical Education e-Day Lessons:
     Miss Ziegenbusch - PE
    P.E. Edays #1-3
    Directions: Please remember that I only see each class two times a week. It is a little different from their homeroom. 
    The labels assigned to what eday will not match up. You can complete any of the edays.
    Each class-Please complete 4 Eday assignments.(even Friday classes)
    Click on eDay Lesson Elem PE link below. 4 boxes = one Eday. 12 boxes(whole page)= 3 Edays

    4 Additional Eday Lessons(if needed)-Please click on link below and complete the assignments
    April Edays-
    Keep a running chart of your physical activites for the month. Please use chart in link below:
    PE May Edays

    For the month of May…Pick ONE out of the following assignments:

    1. Send me a picture of yourself playing/doing your favorite activity. (example- you on a bike ride or playing hockey)
    2. Spend some time playing your favorite sport. Tell me what you did and how long you did it.
    3. In a couple of sentences tell me what your favorite sport is or what you like to do to be active. Write about why you enjoy it.
    4. Draw a picture of you doing something fun we did this year in class.

    Please turn it in through my google classroom or email me a picture of your work.

    art   Art Education e-Day Lessons:

     Mrs. Everett - Art: 3rd & 4th grades

    music   Music Education e-Day Lessons:
    book  Special Education


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