• Every student can do well in Physical Education.  They are expected to come dressed, show good sportsmanship and participate.  The student doesn't have to be an outstanding athlete, just one who tries to do the best they are capable of and tries to improve their skills.  


    1. Tennis shoes must be worn

    2. Wear clothes you can move in-

           no dangling jewelry

    3. Respect self, others, equipment and environment

    4. Do not leave gym without permission

    5. Must have a note from parent if unable to participate

    6. No gum or candy



    Every student starts the quarter with 100 points. One point is lost each time tennis shoes or appropriate attire is not

    worn. Up to 5 points can be lost for non-participation. Up to 5 points can be lost for bad sportsmanship.

    Points for skill tests, written tests and homework will vary.

    Grades are posted daily.

Last Modified on September 18, 2019