• Mr. Roeth's Daily Schedule

    7:15-7:38      Arrival (students who arrive starting at 7:05 will wait in the gym until 7:15)
    7:38-8:00      Announcements/Seatwork
    8:00-8:45      Calender  
    8:45-9:30      Math
    9:30-9:45      Morning Recess
    9:45-10:20      Restroom/Snack
    10:20-10:50   Language Arts
    10:50-11:20   Writing
    11:20-11:45   Lunch
    11:45-12:10   Recess

    12:10-12:30   Writing Extended/Story  

    12:30-1:10     Specials (Library/Tech., Gym/Music, Art-, 
                         Gym/Music) We will utilize a four-day rotating schedule for specials.  (Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink).  If school is
    cancelled for any reason, we will continue the following day with the color cancelled day.

    1:10-2:20       Centers/One on One Reading/Math Instruction/RTI
    2:20              End of the day wrap up
    2:20-2:30      Dismissal



Last Modified on August 20, 2023