• Camp Willson Packing List


    YMCA Camp Willson

    Outdoor Education

    Packing List


    Please bring clothes you can get dirty! Add your name to everything. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or damaged items.



    ____ Sack lunch

    ____ Water Bottle (with name on it)

    ____ Raincoat/poncho (ponchos are not permitted on Horseback Trail Rides)

    ____ Sturdy comfortable shoes/rubber boots/duck shoes

    ____ Two pairs of shoes/boots when at camp over 2 days (at least one pair tennis shoes)

    ____ Warm jacket/coat

    ____ Sweater/sweatshirt (We remind and encourage the students to dress in multiple layers)

    ____ Pajamas

    ____ Daily change of underwear & socks (extras for cold & mud)

    ____ Daily change of pants and shirts (long pants must be worn to ride horses)

    From autumn to mid-spring also include:

    ____ Warm hat (to cover ears), scarf

    ____ Mittens (extra pair is helpful)

    ____ Snowmobile-type boots or other warm winter boots

    ____ Extra sweaters or sweatshirts

    ____ Winter coat

    ____ Raincoat that fits over winter coat

    ____ Long underwear, snow suit and/or sweatpants


    ____ Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets (cabin is well-heated)

    ____ Pillow


    ____ Toothbrush and toothpaste

    ____ Washcloth and towels

    ____ Soap, shampoo, comb

    ____ Deodorant

    ____ Chapstick®

    ____ Shower shoes (optional)

    ____ 1-2 Extra garbage bags (for dirty clothes, ripped bedding bag, etc.)


    ____ Camera (disposable recommended, write name with permanent marker)

    ____ Pencil/notebook

    ____ Binoculars (with name on it)


    Hair dryers/curling irons, radio/CD player/MP3, food/candy/gum, digital camera, fishing equipment, knives/matches/firearms, money, make-up, and cell phone


    Cellular phones and flashlights are not necessary for students. Chaperones may want soda money.
Last Modified on January 14, 2015