Course Descriptions

  • Food and Careers

    This first course will provide students with an overview of the four major content areas of Family and Consumer Sciences. Students will be introduced to child development, family relationship concepts, and how they relate to family dynamics. Additionally, students will identify financial literacy and consumer economic principles. Students will understand the concepts of design through textiles for personal and home use. Throughout the course, students will develop communication, leadership, and career investigation skills.

    Grades: 9-12, 1 Credit, Full Year, No Prerequisite, Offered every year    

    Nutrition and Fitness / Child Development

    This is a full-year course with a prerequisite of teacher permission.  1st semester will focus on student-planned food exploration and preparation.  2nd semester will focus on child development, parenting roles, and responsibilities.

    In Nutrition and Fitness, students will use principles of nutrition to ensure a healthy body throughout the lifecycle. An emphasis will be placed on planning and preparing meals with an understanding of nutrients and their benefits, portion control, and dietary needs. Additional information will include steroid and supplemental use, body weight and management, and the implementation of physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In Child Development, students will study the principles of child growth, development, and behavior. An emphasis will be placed on the cognitive development of a child and sensory and motor skills. Additional topics will include childhood diseases, immunizations, theories of development, learning styles, and evaluating childcare services. 

    Grades: 11-12, 1 Credit, Full Year, Prerequisite: teacher approval, Offered every year   

    Financial Management / Healthy Living

    This is a full-year course that emphasizes practical skills needed for independent living.  1st semester focuses on managing money, food, clothing, and housing needs.  2nd semester focuses on food preparation.

    In Financial Management, students will develop personal financial plans for individual personal well-being. Throughout the course, students will develop financial literacy skills to provide a basis for responsible citizenship and career success. Additional topics will include analyzing services from financial institutions, consumer protection, investing, and risk management. In Healthy Living, students will gain knowledge in food selection criteria and apply preparation methods to promote a healthy lifestyle. Students will apply cooking methods, ingredient selection, and nutritional information in the context of selected food dishes. Throughout the course, basic food safety and sanitation techniques will be emphasized. 

    Grades: 11-12, 1 Credit, Full Year, Prerequisite: teacher approval, Offered every year   


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