• Ms. Bair's Classwork Policy
    This is the updated classwork policy per request of the administration.
    If you are absent you need to make sure to come to me the day you return for your homework.  The work must be completed by the date I give you or it will be counted as late.
    Classwork Policy - All Classwork Must Be Fully Completed!
    1 assignment not turned in or late:                  Warning (Must still be completed)
    2 assignments not turned in or late:                 Warning (Must still be completed)
    3 assignments not turned in or late:                 Detention ( Must still be completed)
    4 or more assignments not turned in or late:     Saturday School
    This policy includes notes and work done in and out of class.  The students can turn in classwork the day after it is due but only for 50% of the credit.  The exceptions would be assignments we are going over in class or long-term assignments.  Classwork turned in with the majority not completed will have it returned to be completed and it will be treated as late work.  The assignments can also count against the students when I take grades on their binders.
    This policy starts new each quarter.
    It is extremely important that assignments are completed and turned in on time for the academic success of the student.
    Please sign below and return only the signed portion by Tuesday.
    I have received and understand the classwork policy.
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Last Modified on August 21, 2017