• August 23, 2021

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

    All students at Miami East Elementary will be using an organizing planner this year. They are to be sent home and returned to school daily.

    One goal of the Miami East staff is to continue positive communication between home and school. The planners are designed to teach students organization and time management skills. Students will gain an understanding of their school responsibilities and activities. Each planner is also another resource for maintaining communication between parents and teachers.

    The planners will be used in several ways: to record spelling words, to document discipline concerns, to record special programs and other events and it will be used as a reference tool. It is my goal to keep you as informed as possible about your child when he/she is at school.

    It is important to check your child’s planner each day for notes from me. I will also check the planners at school each day for notes from home. A parent is to initial the planner each day. This will indicate that information entered into the planner has been read by a parent. I will do the same at school to indicate that your notes from home have also been read.

    If you have any questions concerning the planners, please let me know.



    Miss Black

Last Modified on April 4, 2022