Scrapbook Assignment

    1. Research about Life in Ancient China (food, games, clothes etc.) and Fun Facts (geography, religion, language, calligraphy etc.) using History for Kids and Ancient China for Kids. http://www.ancientchinalife.com/  

    2. Next the students need to decide if they want to look at the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City.
    3. Once students make there decision they will research that landmark. For the Great Wall visitAncient China for Kids-Great Wall and History of The Great Wall. For the Forbidden City visit Ancient China for Kids-Forbidden City and Forbidden City History.
    4. After all research is completed, students needs decide what facts and pictures they are going to use in their scrapbook. Keeping in mind the rubric.
    Now that you have completed your research, now it's time to put together your scrapbook!
    1. The first page should be the cover page with a title made up by the students. With a picture relating to Ancient China, and the names of the students at the bottom of the page.
    2. The second page should be the Life in Ancient China. It should include 5 facts and 2 pictures relating to the facts and should be colorful
    3. The third page should be the Historical Landmark page about either the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City. it should include 3 facts and 1 picture of the landmark.
    4. The fourth page should be Chinese inventions and discoveries.  It should include 5 inventions and pictures of them.

    5. The fifth page is the fun facts page. It should include 5 facts a 2 pictures relating to the facts you provided.

    6. Once you and your partner have looked over everything, turn in your scrapbook to your teachers.

Last Modified on September 7, 2018