snow day
    eCalamity Snow Days

    The State of Ohio now offers school districts an on-line option for
    making up calamity days in excess of the 5 permitted
    in Ohio Revised Code.
    Last spring, our Board of Education passed a resolution in support of
    using this option
    for up to 3 days of calamity closures (calamity days 6, 7, and 8).
    The resolution, which gained the approval of the Ohio Department of Education,
    states that these on-linelessons will be
    developed by and graded by teachers in the
    same manner as all
    classroom lessons.
    The eCalamity day requirement for Kindergarten students will 
     be accomplished via the monthly homework calendars. 
    On our districts 6th, 7th and 8th calamity days, students will be required to turn
    in an entire week's [5 days] worth of work on the monthly homework calendar.
      If the calamity days fall in the same week, required work will be the following week(s). 
    As calamity days #4 and #5 get closer, I will post the monthly calendars needed to
    complete the eCalamity day requirement on this website. Please stay tuned for updates!

    Our FIRST eCalamity day was Wednesday, January 8th (A day). Kindergarten A students are required to complete the week of January 6th on their monthly homework packet (all 5 days) for the missed day of school. This work will be due on Tuesday, January 21st. A copy of the January homework packet was sent home in your student's folder and you can also find the January homework packet in the "monthly activities" web page. Thank you!