• ABCs of Kindergarten
    Arrival – school starts each day promptly at 7:40.  Buses arrive around this time therefore if students are being dropped of by car they need to be in the building no later than this time.

    Birthdays – these special events are celebrated in the classroom.  Normally if treats are brought in we ask that they come at the end of the day.  [No earlier than 2:05pm]  Please notify me when treats are being brought in so that our schedule can be cleared for the celebration.

    Book Orders – Periodically I will send home an order form from Scholastic to order books.  This is a wonderful opportunity to build your home library for we get a wonderful discount on a wide variety of books.  Checks can be made out to Scholastic.

    Breakfast – please make sure that your child has a sufficient breakfast each morning.  It is the best way to start the day!

    Calendar – a monthly calendar will be sent home in your child’s folder.  Please post this somewhere in your home to refer to.  All specials and special events will be listed.

    Dismissal – we dismiss daily at 2:25.  If picking up your child be here by 2:15 and if dismissing early please report to the office first to sign out your child.

    Homework – there will be homework sent home periodically.  Each month your child will bring home a family home project that will need to be returned.  There will be other homework assignments sent home as the year goes along.

    Illness – use common sense when your child is ill.  Please do not send them to school when they are running a temperature.  Sickness spreads rapidly in Kindergarten. 

    Library – we will attend library weekly.  Your child will check out a book and will be expected to return it the next week.  If not, they will not receive another one and will be subject to a fine if lost.

    Lunch – The lunch this year cost $2.40 and if your child is just buying milk it is $0.55.  Each student is issued a lunch code they will need to memorize which is sent home in your folder.  These are fairly easy to remember and will be used daily to buy lunch.

    Planners – important information will float to and from school in your child’s planner.  Please check it nightly for messages.  Also feel free to write a message to me there for they are checked each morning.

    Recess – recess is held twice daily OUTSIDE.  During inclement weather please dress your child accordingly. 

    Snacks – we will serve snacks on most mornings.   This will happen mid-morning.  Please make sure to try to donate a snack for the class to share.

    Transportation – if your child is going home with someone other than the normal route [bus, car rider] it is NECESSARY to have a note with him/her that day of school.  Safety is our first priority.

    Visitors/Volunteers – I encourage visitors at anytime.  You can volunteer in the class for a couple hours or less or just stop by for ten minutes.  Just stop by the office and grab a visitor’s badge.  I will also be sending home volunteer schedules that can be filled out and returned.  I will then send home a confirmation note detailing the days/times I would like for you to volunteer.

    Website – over the past few years the Miami East Elementary website has grown tremendously.  Follow the links to read, look, listen or even watch the happenings of our Kindergarten room. [www.miamieast.k12.oh.us]


    A quick reminder:  You, as parents, are the best teachers for your students.  Research also shows that the number one way to help your children is by reading to them.  This event models the process and it also allows them to pick up on the many sight words [the, it, I, an, etc.] that are present in picture books.


    My expectations for this year are high and with your help on the home front this year will be very successful.  Remember success and education are similar – they’re both journeys, not destinations.