• Almost May?! Where has the time gone?

    Posted by Amy Gerlach on 4/26/2022

    WOW!! This year has truly flown by. 

    It seems as though it was just yesterday I had received a list with names on it.. 

    Now I am soon saying goodbye to 23 little pieces of my heart. 

    The students keep commenting on how much they have done, how much they have learned and how fast this year has gone by. I agree!! This year has really gone by quickly after a few very odd years. 

    The students have grown in leaps and bounds! They are reading, writing, rhyming, completing math problems, telling time and have built strong relationships!

    We had a lot of fun along the way!! I hope that your child has developed a love of learning that will continue as they grow and progress through their school careers.  

    We JUST completed a long-term project that the children really enjoyed! 

    The students studied homes and what they look like from the outside, gained vocabulary, used 3D shapes, worked in groups, gained communication and compromise skills, built executive thinking skills, improved fine motor skills and more!! 

    This long-term project was a huge success!! Thank you so much for your donations and interest. 

    Please remember that over the summer it is very important for the students to use the skills they have learned. 

    Every year, I suggest to parents that your child keep a summer journal. This is an authentic way to keep your student engaged and using the skills they have acquired. A simple notebook will do. 

    Your child can sound out words, write sentences about their summer days or adventures and create meaningful illustrations. At the end of the summer, you have a small book of summer memories that they have created. Of course, if your child needs help sounding out words or writing sentences, this is a fantastic way to get them involved and it helps that they are writing about experiences that are meaningful to them. 

    Don't forget , our boom learning website is also available throughout the summer as well as reading a-z. 

    Keep up the great work!!  

    21 days to go.. and I know we are just going to soak up every minute and make every day count!!

    Thanks so much for all of your support. I greatly appreciate your partnership. 

    Mrs. Gerlach :)




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  • October 2019

    Posted by Amy Gerlach on 10/10/2019

    Hello Parents!!

    I am always amazed at how these months seem to fly by!! We have been so busy learning new things, creating, playing and building strong relationships. 

    I am so excited to announce that I have students that are already reading in the classroom and the rest are SO excited about learning to read. Everyday students are asking me to read to their classmates and are just begging for opportunities to read. This makes my teacher heart SO happy. 

    PLEASE keep encouraging your child to read. Use every opportunity possible.. The grocery, newspapers, books, magazines, driving down the road. Look for popcorn words, simple words and numbers that they may know. Keep Praising them. THEY are WORKING HARD!! Every little encouraging word will help them get excited about learning. 

    We all like to hear "good job" but sometimes our Kindergarten students need to hear exactly what they are doing well. Try saying "you found the word" or "Wow, you can read a sentence" "you are a reader". When young children are validated by exactly what it is that they are doing right, you are not only praising them but letting them know exactly what they are accomplishing. 

    Keep up the hard work at home, parents. This is such an exciting time in your lives and their lives. They are becoming more independant and can begin to do so many things if they are not already. Encourage them to help around the house, pick up their toys, keep their books safe, help with dishes etc. 

    The students in our class are beginning to clean up after themselves, and they understand and follow our class routine. They get themselves to class, hang up their belongings, turn in their folders and get all necessary materials to their seats in the morning. I find that this is a huge accomplishment!! As the year progresses they follow multiple step directions and they problem solve with their peers. 

    We have learned SO many popcorn words, letters, numbers and language arts concepts. 

    We are currently learning about Setting, Characters, Beginning-middle-end. 

    We have talked about predictions, opinions and retelling a story. 

    In math we are learning how to represent numbers in ten frames, numerals, words, fingers and tally marks. 

    We are beginnning to count through 20 with the understanding that teen numbers are made up of a group of 10 and extra ones. 

    As you can see, the last few months have been FILLED and I love watching these young people grow both academically and emotionally. 

    Thank you so much for all you do with your children at home. I appreciate your partnership so much.  

    I am looking forward to the next few months and especially the holidays. :) 


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  • October already??

    Posted by Amy Gerlach on 10/9/2018

    Can you believe it is already October? I sure cannot!! It has been a very busy and fast start to our school year this year! In our classroom we are learning so much!! We are learning how to interact with each other, problem solve, communicate with one another and of course we are learning academics!!

    Some of our Kindergarten friends are already beginning to use their knowledge to read!! We are sounding out words, spelling and writing words and putting together our own sentences!! It is amazing how fast they grow and change at this age! 

    We have covered the following popcorn words: I, can, we, the, like, see, go, to have, is, play, a. 

    As you can see, that is enough to begin reading simple books!! Challenge your children at home and see what they can do! Ask them to be detectives and find sight words in text, sound out simple words and write them. You may be surprised as to what they are capable of!!

    It is a joy to get to know each one of them and to watch the individual personalities emerge as we continue this journey together. Please feel free to email me or get in touch on class dojo if you have any questions at all. 

    Thanks so much for your partnership!!

    :) Mrs. Gerlach

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