• In order for students to learn and perform at their very best, a positive classroom environment must be in place. This occurs when a behavior management plan has been implemented. The purpose of our behavior management plan is to ensure that appropriate behavior is displayed each and every day; students understand what is expected of them and are aware of the consequences for not following the agreed upon expectations.

    In our classroom, the students and I worked hard at the beginning of the school year to decide on the behaviors we thought were necessary for a productive classroom environment. Together, the students and I created our classroom rules. They are as follows:
    1. I will follow directions quickly.
    2. I will make good choices.
    3. I will raise my hand if I wish to speak or leave my seat.
    4. I will be kind to others and respect my school.
    5. I will do my best work.
    A color-coded clip chart has been implemented to help reinforce the rules listed above. Each student has his/her own clip on the chart and begins each day on green (Ready to Learn). During the course of the day, a student can move his/her clip up or down the clip chart depending on the behavioral choices he/she makes. If a student makes a good choice, he/she can move his/her clip up one level at a time.
    Inappropriate behavior would cause a student to move down a level. Because each student starts each day in the middle of the chart, he/she has numerous opportunities to work his/her way up the chart. I believe this helps a child realize that he/she has to have self-control and be responsible for his/her actions and behaviors if he/she wants to be recognized for making good choices. Making it to the top of the chart is not easy, but it is definitely attainable. Students quickly realize how they must conduct themselves in order to achieve this goal.
    Our Classroom Clip Chart:
    Super Student
    Awesome Behavior
    Good Choices
    Ready to Learn
    Think About It
    Teacher's Choice
    Parent Contact
    Students clip up when they:
    -Listen carefully and follow directions
    -Work quietly and do not disturb others who are learning
    -Respect others and are kind with words and actions
    -Respect school and personal property
    -Go the extra mile to help a student or adult
    -Do outstanding work
    Students clip down when they:
    -Interrupt me when I am teaching
    -Are off-task during work time
    -Purposely keep another student from learning
    -Cannot sit still – up and out of their seat during instructional time
    -Are disrespectful to another student or adult
    -Are disrespectful to school or personal property
    -Misbehave in the hallway or during recess, bathroom breaks, specials, and on the bus

    A child quickly realizes how to behave appropriately in all kinds of situations. To make it to the top of the chart (or beyond) means so much to them because they see how proud I am of them. If they make it to Awesome Behavior, students get 1 punch on an individual punch card. If they make it to Super Student, students get 2 punches on their punch card. After they fill up their card with ten punches, students will get a Viking Pride card and get to choose a prize from our prize catalog.

    Here are some of the choices in the prize catalog:

    -Show and Share (bring in a toy or book to share with the class)
    -Take your shoes off for the day (in the classroom only)
    -Lunch With a Bud (in the classroom)
    -Line Jumper (jump anywhere in the line for a day)
    -Cool Cat in the Hat (wear a hat in the classroom for a day)
    -Pet Shop (bring in a stuffed animal to sit on your desk for a day)
    Thank you for your help and support. If you have any questions concerning our classroom behavior management plan, please feel free to contact me. I know together we can make this a productive and enjoyable year for your first grader!




Last Modified on August 16, 2021