• Here are the eday assignments for May 7-14.

    Eday for May 7 and 8 - Complete the fill in the blank notes by using the reading provided.

    Reading - Reading for Notes PDF version  Use this file for Google Docs or Word

    Fill In Notes - PDF Version of Notes  Notes File for Google or Word

    Eday for May 12 - Complete the questions that go along with the readings.

    First Reading - Magna Carta reading and 5 questions PDF    Magna Carta Reading and 5 Questions Google or Word FIle

    Second Reading - Legal System with 10 Questions PDF  Legal System and 10 questions Google or Word

    Eday for May 14 - Take this Chapter 19 Quiz/Test over the last sections.

    PDF Test    Google Doc/Word Version

    Here are the eday assignments for April 14-May 1. You will need your book to help you with some of these assignments. If you need help with your online access, please let me know. All assignments are available through Google Classroom and may be completed online. If you need any help accessing, completing or turning in assignments, please let me know. If you are completing these online, please access Google Classroom to complete there. Assignments are due May 4.


    Eday Assignment for April 14 - Use your book to complete the first page of this note sheet reading Chapter 19 Section 2.19-2 Notes


    Eday Assignment for April 16/17. Use you book to finish the second page of notes you accessed for April 14.


    Eday Assignment for April 20, 22, 24, and 27. Complete one of the four project options on this paper. Project Paper If you have any questions or need help, please contact me. There should not be a reason to go out to purchase any materials. Project options are modified to fit our situation and are very flexible. Contact me with any questions or creative ideas. These projects can be completed with the help of the entire family. The seventh grade student needs to lead to work, but it is definitely ok to get the whole family involved. 


    Eday Assignment for April 29 - Complete the following reading and questions. Reading Questions


    Eday Assignment for May 1 - Complete the mini test over Chapter 19 Sections 1 and 2. Use your book or any other source to complete. Test





    Below are the assignments that should be completed during our 3 week time off. You should not need your book to complete the assignments. Hard copies will be available in the school office. You may put answers on a Google Doc to submit through email or drop completed worksheets off in the office. Eday assignments are also available through Google Classroom.

    EDay Assignment for March 17 - Complete the following worksheet. Eday #

    Eday Assignment for March 18 - Complete the following worksheet. Eday 2.

    Eday Assignment for March 19 - Complete the following crossword. Eday 3 For question 7, think about the most basic geographical characteristics of Japan and what the early people of the island would do to survive and make a living.

    Eday Assignment for March 23 - Complete the following activity. Eday 4

    Eday Assignment for March 24 - Complete the following activity. Eday 5

    Eday Assignment for March 25 - Complete the following activity. Eday 6

    Eday Assignment for March 26 - Complete the following activity.  Eday 7

    Eday Assignment for March 30 - Read the article and answer the questions that accompany it. Eday 8

    Eday Assignment for March 31 - Read the article and answer the questions that accompany it. Eday 9

    Eday Assignment for April 1 - Complete the following economics in the Middle Ages activity. Eday 10. If you need more information about the feudal system, you can watch these videos for help. Feudalism Part 1 Feudalism Part 2

    Eday Assignment for April 2 - Complete the following questions based on the reading. Eday 11 For question  7, remember that vernacular is the everyday language of the people. 

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