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    Welcome to 7th Grade Honors Art

     7th Grade Honors Art 

    MEJH now offers Honors Art class for 7th graders who are interested. This class will meet one day a week – on Thursday from 11:20-12:05 (yes during part of recess and all of study hall). 


    This class is for students who have a serious interest in art and would like to refine their artistic skills and understanding during their 7th grade school year. 


    Structured similar to honors choir – grades must be kept in good standing, one missed class because of detention per nine weeks allowed, because if you are in detention you will be missing instruction or part of a project.


    Any interested student will need to apply - forms are available in the JH art room.


    Supply list:


    - a quality spiral bound sketchbook

    - a set of drawing pencils (needs to include a 4B or 6B)

    - a kneaded eraser   


    There may be a small museum fee later in the year for a field trip to the Dayton Art Institute! J



Last Modified on August 17, 2018