Dear 2nd Grade Parents,

              Prior to the beginning of our current school year, the decision to provide differentiated instruction in  reading was discussed. It was decided that we could meet student needs more effectively if we grouped the children for small group reading instruction. The students are divided into ability groups for thirty minutes daily.

              Differentiation is a philosophy that enables teachers to plan strategically in order to reach the needs of the diverse learners in classrooms today.

              Using the Treasures leveled reading materials, we hope to meet  the needs of all learners—learners who need support in developing concepts, learners who need support in developing language proficiency, and learners who are ready to extend their mathematical knowledge and reading skills.

              The process of placing students in the appropriate leveled reading group will be determined by the end of September.  Continual assessment will occur to evaluate student progress. Some students may change groups during the year if teachers and parents see a need.

                                                   Thank you for your support,

                                                        2nd Grade Teachers








Last Modified on October 14, 2015