• Behavior Expectations

    We use Class DOJO to track student behavior.  Each day, your child has the opportunity to earn points based on his or her behavior.  There are many features on Class DOJO that I utilize.  There's a way to share pictures, send messages, and look at point activity.  You are able to track and see how many points your child has received each day.  At the beginning of the year, we decide as a class what would be expected and unexpected behaviors.  Every 5 points a student receives in a day, he/she receive a Viking Pride dollar to spend in the store at the end of the month.  Every 10 points a student receives in a day, he/she receives 2 Viking Prides and gets to choose out of our treasure box.

    These are some of the ways students can earn points:

    • Getting a compliment from an adult
    • Following directions
    • Good listening
    • Helping others
    • Participating
    • Taking care of our things
    • Working hard
    • Working quietly

     Here are some ways students can lose points:

    • Being off task
    • Not following directions
    • Not listening
    • Not taking care of others
    • Talking out of turn

    Homework Policy

    Homework in 3rd grade is sent home daily Monday- Thursday.  Homework is not assigned on the weekend unless it is a long-term project or book report.  The purple folder is the only folder students will pull from for homework.  The other folders keep items and papers students may need throughout the week so please do not remove any papers from other folders.  

    If a student does not complete their homework, he/she will lose a DOJO point and use recess to complete the missing assignment.  Along with this, a pink slip will be sent home to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned the next school day.  If a student receives 3 pink slips in a quarter, he/she will receive a lunch detention to be served in the ISS (in-school suspension) room during lunch and recess.  Each additional set of 3 pink slips will lead to another detention, most likely to be served after school from 2:30-3pm.  

    Homework is an important part of making a student responsible for his or her own work as well as gaining independence.

    Grading Scale

    A+               98-100

    A                 94-97

    A-                90-93

    B+               87-89

    B                 84-86

    B-                80-83

    C+               77-79

    C                 74-76

    C-                70-73

    D+               67-69

    D                 64-66

    D-                60-63

    F                  0-59

Last Modified on August 3, 2021