• Art Design


    In Art design students will have the opportunity for drawing, sculpting, painting, and other creative endeavors. Lessons introduce major periods and movements in art.  


    Unity, theme, variety, proportion, balance, movement, orientation, and placement


    Line, shape, form, pattern, texture, space, size, and color


    Drawing/Writing Assignment - You must complete 1 drawing a week (sketchbook check on Fridays) with a written paragraph about the drawing.


    Still Life (Pastel)

    Complementary Figure (oil pastel)

    Close-up of facial Feature (Charcoal)

    Trees (Watercolor)

    Ethnic Self-Portrait (Pencil)

    Wrapping Animal (pencil/marker)

    Pointalism (ink or marker)

    Music Instrument Still life (cubism) charcoal

    Decorative book Sculpture (book, scrissors, spray paint)

    Printmaking (multi-medium)

    Non-objective Squares in Primary colors ( acrylic painting)

    Pop Art Head Sculpture (mixed media)

Last Modified on August 22, 2023