• Gilliland

    • If you miss school for ANY REASON, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to email me and request homework. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you are not feeling well and will ONLY send you work IF YOU ASK FOR IT.  I would hate to bombard you with work if you are under the weather!


    • IF YOU MISS SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU ARE SICK you are NEVER expected to be working on my science homework! Just get healthy…the homework can wait! J


    • IF YOU MISS SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU ARE QUARANTINED then you are expected to check your email at least once a day and complete daily homework in a timely manner. Let the school know if you need materials out of your locker and we’ll figure out a way to get it to you.


    • Science assignments will be shared via Google Classroom and completed on KAMI. Just open the document, add text boxes into each blank and type your answers. Make sure you remember to “TURN IN” your assignment when you’re done.


    • If you have a hard copy of a worksheet at home that you want to turn in, take a photo of the paper with your phone and email it to me. If you have an iPhone, please open your Notes and use the camera to create a PDF (it’s much easier for me to read in that format). It’s completely fine if you just hang onto your work and put it in my purple make-up folder when you return to school.


    • Incomplete assignments will be temporarily marked as “Missing” in ProgressBook until they are submitted. If you miss several days right before interims or the end of the quarter, I will enter your missing assignments as “Exempt” before submitting my grades. In other words, if you’ve been sick, I won’t allow incomplete assignments to completely tank your grade!


    • You can find information about Study Island, Remind, class rules and instructions to access the online science text book under the Classwork tab on Google Classroom.


    • If you have a phone, please turn on notifications for either Gmail or Google Classroom (pick one)!



Last Modified on September 13, 2023