• Week of 4-22-24:


    Skill for the Week:

    Lesson 22: Vowel-r, Single Syllable

    Pgs. 172-179



    New Spelling/Phonics in 3rd Grade!


    Dear 3rd Grade Families,

    As part of our new reading and ELA curriculum, we will be doing spelling differently than what you might be used to in the past.  The biggest difference is that spelling will be taught as part of our new phonics instruction.  This means that there will not be a weekly list of spelling words to study.  Instead, students will be working and studying a specific skill that goes with class instruction for the week.  The students will still have a spelling test at the end of each week, but it will be new words that follow the skill learned for the week.  


    A letter that gives a more detailed look into the program and how to help your child each week with the skill has been sent home. In order to help your child with this, the students will be bringing their phonics workbook home Mon.-TH.  Also, there will be a weekly parent letter that goes home explaining the skill for the week.  Please bear with us as we navigate this new program together!  Please let me know if you have any questions!


    *Mrs. Fields






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