• Homework Policy For Mrs. Fields’ Class:


                Homework will be given Monday through Thursday.  These assignments should take no more than thirty to forty minutes to complete.  Allow your student to do the assigned work with a minimum of help.  Then, review the work with them for the maximum benefit.  If they have missed something it is okay to point it out to them, but allow them to correct it themselves.  When they have the assignment to read please listen to them read it out loud, or read it together.  Reading aloud is very important at this age.  Listen for correct words, fluency, tempo, and punctuation.  Then, ask questions about what they read for comprehension.  On occasion, there will be a weekend assignment; usually this is a book report, study guide (given in math, science, and social studies), or another longer project to work on.  All other assignments are due back the next day.  Library does count as an assignment and books are due back every purple special day. 


                Your student’s planner must be signed nightly (along with the behavior chart); Monday through Friday.  Your signature in the planner tells me that you have seen the daily assignments.  While your signature on the behavior chart shows me, you have seen how your child’s behavior was that day.  Planners will be checked every morning for your signatures.  If the planner and or behavior chart are not signed your student will move to a yellow card; a warning, or reminder. 


                Students that do not have an assignment done will move to an orange card in the morning.  This means that they will serve ten minutes at recess, and they will do the assignment here at school; if possible.  I will notify you if your child is not turning in their assignments by sending home a pink discipline sheet after each time of missing homework that explains the missing assignment.  That slip must be signed and returned the next day of school.  After missing three assignments in a nine- week period and receiving three pink slips your student will serve a lunch detention in the ISS room. Every student starts each nine-week grading period with a clean slate. 


                Homework is given as extra practice for the skills that we are working on in class.  We are also trying to instill responsibility in our students.  They are responsible for getting their assignments done, having their planner signed, and for returning all materials to school.  Please help us foster these skills in your child by asking them about their homework assignments daily, signing their planner, and helping them to organize themselves at home.  It may be helpful for your child to have a place to do homework, which has the needed supplies ready to go.  Also, it is more effective if there are no interruptions during homework time.  Interruptions could be anything from TV to phone.  Also, a good idea for your child is to have the phone number of a classmate that could help them with page numbers or any questions if necessary. 



                I know this is a lot to take in at once, but I greatly appreciate your support and time in this matter because this is a very important part for your child to be successful in the third grade! 


    Thank You!

    **Mrs. Fields



    Homework Schedule:

    Homework for the most part will stay the same from week to week.  This helps everyone stay on the same page.  (Could be subject to change sometimes.)


    Monday:Read for at least 20 minutes, record reading on reading log.


    Tuesday: Read for at least 20 minutes, record reading on reading log.


    Wednesday: A home link page for math.  Read for at least 20 minutes, record reading on reading log.


    Thursday:  A home link page for math.  Read for at least 20 minutes, record reading on reading log.


    Friday: Sign the planner and behavior chart.  Mostly no other homework except for later due date assignments like: book reports, study guides, extra credit, or possibly other projects that may arise. 


    ***Reading logs will be collected every Friday.  The log should have a complete week of reading (Mon.-TH) to earn full credit.  Each day will be worth five points for a total of 20 points each week.  Reading logs will be given out every Monday.  If your child loses their log, please see my website for a new copy, or they can record it on notebook paper. 


    ***Studying/practicing the weekly phonics/spelling skill might be a good way to be ready for the spelling test on Friday's.


    ***Weekly homework is posted on my website (see weekly homework tab).  

    Book reports, projects, science extra credit, study guides (math, science, and social studies) may be added during the week depending on due dates.  Students will copy all into planners, so you are aware of upcoming due dates. 


    ***Once Book-It starts in October, reading that is already being done for the reading log can be put on the Book-It form to get credit for both.  Book-It forms are due on the last day of each month, and it goes until March.


    ***Reading pages in the science book may be added a couple times a week.  This may not fall on the same days each week, which is why it is not listed above.  Students will copy those pages when they do occur into their planners.  Reading these pages will help in the comprehension of the science material.  Also, remember, science extra credit for each chapter is something that may need to be worked on throughout a given week. 


    ***Remember: planners and behavior charts must be signed every day (Monday-Friday) letting me know you have seen the daily assignments, and letting you know how your child’s day was. 




Last Modified on August 9, 2023