• Discipline Policy For Mrs. Fields’ Class:

     Class Procedures/Rules:

    1. Complete morning and end day routines.

    2. When I or any other adult is teaching, you will be quiet and paying attention.

    3. Remain on task at all times in order to ensure all can be learning.

    4. While in line in the hall stay quiet and in line.

    5. Make sure you have all of your materials with you at all times; ready to learn.

    6. Homework is to be turned in on time.

    7. Follow the "Viking Way" in all areas.  


    I use the card pulling system.  If a classroom procedure is not followed the student will pull a card.  Each colored level has its own consequence.  Cards are turned back to green at the end of each day.  A behavior chart in your child’s planner will note what card they were on for the day.  Your child will be responsible for filling this chart out for themselves daily. 

                                1. Students start with a green card: Good behavior! A great day!

                                2. Student moves to a yellow card: A warning is given.

                                3. Student moves to an orange card: Serves ten minutes of recess.

                                4. Student moves to a red card: Serves twenty minutes of recess.

                                5. Student moves to a black card: Sent to the principal, and parents are called.


    **Behavior charts in planners are to be signed daily (Monday through Friday).  This allows me to communicate how your child is doing in class.  Also, the planner itself is to be signed nightly as well to show that you have seen that night’s homework assignment.  If either or both are not signed daily your student will move to a yellow card in the morning.

    If a student is having behavior problems in other areas and I have already spoken to them regarding this, I will use the card system for those situations also.  However, in some cases depending on circumstances cards may not be used.  Something else that is used in the classroom is "cubes."  If a student is doing something they should not be doing they may receive a cube.  If they get three, they will owe an entire recess.  The cubes will start over each time he or she receives three. I set these rules and consequences for my students in order for them to reach achievement in my classroom.  I want to make sure they know that I hold high expectations for them in the classroom which will foster success! 


    The best reward for a job well done is satisfaction.  Other rewards could be:

    • Praise
    • Special treat
    • Extra recess
    • Free time on Chrome Books
    • Viking Pride cards to spend at the Viking Way Store


Last Modified on August 12, 2023