Discipline Plan for Ms. McCuistion’s Class

    Students that have their homework each day will be able to clip up.  If they do not have their homework or signatures, they won't be able to clip up and they will complete the homework at recess. 
    Classroom Behavior Management


    1.      Students will stay quiet and respectful during class instruction and work time.

    2.      Students will complete and turn in daily class assignments and homework.

    3.   Students will use self-control in the classroom, hall and throughout the building.

    4.      Students will be kind and respectful to everyone.


     In first grade we use the "clip up/ clip down " system.

       By setting expectations and making rules for my students, I am setting limits for them and helping them to make good choices.   This fosters a sense of security and a caring atmosphere.  Because I do care about them, I want them to learn responsibility, consideration for others and to be the best they can be, no matter where they are.


      The Best Reward Is Satisfaction For A Job Well Done.

    *   Sincere hugs and pats on back

    *   Chance to get into the Prize Box

    * Prize Binder

    *   Chance to get behavior card punched.  Once filled, students can pick a prize from the "Prize Binder".                                                                                            
    *   VIKING PRIDEcard with monthly prize drawing
    *   Candy Bowl


Last Modified on February 4, 2022