• Book Reports

    Dear Parents,

              Each year my third grade students are required to do one book report each nine week grading period.  Each grading period I will assign a particular type of report I want the children to do.

    1st quarter:  none

    2nd quarter: Popcorn Bag Book Report

    3rd quarter:  Cereal Box Book Report

    4th quarter: Biography (dress as your person with a prop)


              Each report will consist of: reading an entire book that is appropriate for your child’s reading level, completing the report following the rubric guidelines and presenting to the class before the end of the grading period.  Their grade will be entered at the end of each quarter.  No excuses for not having a book report finished in nine weeks.

              Please help your child pick a book at his or her reading level.  Whether your child is reading at a second grade level or fourth grade level, there are many books to choose from.  Their book may come from my room library, the school library, the public library or from home.

              These book reports and projects are meant to be fun, non-stressful experiences for families.  I understand that your child may need your assistance with the project part, but for the most part I’d like this to be their responsibility.  At the beginning of each grading period I will send home an explanation of the required book report, rubric and any materials I may be supplying.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Let’s get exited to read and create some spectacular reports!



    Mrs. Noll 



Last Modified on October 20, 2023