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    President:Kimberly Mitchell Snodgrass 1985
    Vice President:
    Secretary:  Brenda Harman Rogers 1984
    Treasurer: Janie Young Hershberger


    Ross Snodgrass, President                        937-570-3543

    Janie Young Hershberger, Treasurer        937-339-0347

    Janet Custer Taylor, Secretary                   937-845-2052


    twitter @MiamiEastAlumni

    on FaceBook @ Miami East Alumni Association

    Patty Beeson Taynor        937-335-6013

    Kim Crabtree Cecil          937-206-4115

    Kim Mitchell Snodgrass                 

    Cindy Hershberger Lillicrap    937-773-2328      

    Janet Filbrun Knife         937-667-6201                 

    Bob & Norma Smith Karnehm 937-368-3954    

    Lisa Jones Borgerding   937-264-8688




    cats meow
    Cat's Meow Miami East Elementary / Jr. High building ($22)
    Back side says, "Two complete schools in one which was erected in 2004. 
    Yesterday's dream, Today's Opportunity, Tomorrow's Vision."
    The Cat’s Meow Miami East Elementary / Jr. High building ($20) is still available. Please include $5 for postage making total cost $25.

    We also have the new Miami East High School.  They are $20 each.  You can see one at the main office in the high school.  Please include $5 for postage making total cost $25.


    We have something a little bit different.  Made by an alumni and they decorate your waterBottle.  It is a water bottle coozie!  The have a Viking Head on them with an M.E.  They are $5 each.

    Everything on this page will be available at the Vikingfest.  You can send an email (
    chershberger@woh.rr.com) or send a list of what you want with a check and Cindy will get the items mailed to you. 

    Please make checks or money orders payable to:  Miami East Alumni Association
    Mail to:  Cindy Hershberger Lillicrap

                   1580 Wedgewood Dr
                    Piqua, OH  45356

    We also have Scrip Fundraising
    Through the Alumni Association you buy gift cards for places that you shop everyday…    Grocery stores, clothing stores, gas stations, toy stores, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, AppleBees, Panera Bread, Walmart, Meijer, Logan’s Steakhouse, Texas Road House and the list goes on and on. Buy gifts for Grads, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, kids away at College…  any occasion! You buy a $10, 25, 50, $100 card and that company donates a % to the Alumni Association for our scholarship fund.  It can be used for your everyday shopping, if you are going to spend the money anyway why not buy the gift card to use and the alumni scholarship fund benefits also!

    The website to see what company’s offer their cards is: www.glscrip.com

    To order these simply send a list of what you want along with the check to:

    Cindy Hershberger Lillicrap

    1580 Wedgewood Dr

    Piqua, Ohio 45356


    We usually order around the 1st and 15th of every month.  It usually takes a couple days to get the cards and then we will get them to you. 
    Questions: chershberger@woh.rr.com                     
Last Modified on February 3, 2017