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    The Miami East Education Foundation (MEEF), established in 2003, works to promote educational excellence in the Miami East Local Schools. The mission of the Foundation is to generate and distribute funds for grants, scholarships, and enrichment programs which will benefit Miami East students and the community. The Foundation is administered by a board of volunteer trustees, members of the community who are committed to helping provide the best possible learning experience and environment for Miami East students and the community.
    Each academic year MEEF will award “School Personnel Grants” for special projects, programs, or materials that will enhance and expand the student learning experience or environment. All school personnel impact the learning and development of Miami East students; therefore, all school personnel are eligible to apply for these grants.  Individuals or groups may apply. A sample of funded projects: new cafeteria trays, an electric router, guitars and cases, trips to live stage performances and to college classrooms, as well as new technology teaching/learning equipment.
    Programs, materials, and activities not funded through the public funding structure will be considered for these grants.Funding depends upon community donations and may vary from year to year. Partial funding for a project may be offered.  Applicants may also seek additional funding from other sources.
    The MEEF board of trustees will name a chair for a committee to review School Personnel Grant (SPG) applications. This chair will form an ad hoc committee consisting of at least four members plus the chair. The committee will review all SPG applications and recommend to the MEEF board which applications should receive the grant awards. The MEEF board will consider the committee’s  recommendations and determine the funding to be awarded.
    Applications due: June 15, 2021 (or last Friday preceding June 15, if June 15 occurs on a Saturday or Sunday) is the final date to submit applications. Please send or hand deliver applications to the Superintendent’s office. No applications will be accepted after due date.
    Grants Awarded: in August at All-District Meeting.
    Applications are due in Dr. Rappold’s office Due Tuesday, June 15, 2021
    Questions?  Contact Beth Culbertson, 937.335.2771 or bethculb@woh.rr.com.
    Miami East Foundation Grant Application for School Personnel:
Last Modified on March 17, 2021