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    Thank-You to our Supporters

    To our many supporters—individuals, businesses, organizations—the Miami East Education
    Foundation board extends a huge “Thank you!” You support the Foundation’s mission with
    monetary and product donations and with your time, energy, talents, and enthusiasm. You
    make a difference in the Miami East community and in the lives of our students.

    Because of you, the Foundation can continue existing scholarships and create new ones. You
    also fund annual school personnel grants for equipment and materials to individualize each
    student’s learning experience and involve all students in education-enrichment activities.

    A sample of recent school personnel grants awarded: Wright State University Anatomy &
    Physiology Interactive Lab experience day for anatomy and physiology students; whiteboards to
    facilitate interactive learning for third graders; router and bits for agriculture ed. and industrial
    arts students; tower garden growing system (hydroponic agriculture) for fourth graders;
    document cameras for junior high math and ELA classes; Victoria Theater “Discovery
    Workshop” for third graders—including a live performance of “Charlotte’s Web.” Depending
    on funds available, seven to twelve School Personnel Grants are awarded each school year.

    Your contributions impact ME students today and tomorrow. Thank You! 


    Miami East Education Foundation Supporters

    October 1, 2018— March 31, 2020


    Miami East Foundation Supporters

    October 1, 2018 — March 31, 2020


    Aaron and Melissa Scott

    Alan and Cecelia Turnbull

    Alexander Sewer and Drain

    All VikingFest Bakers, Donors, Patrons, and Volunteers

    All VikingFest ME Student Volunteers

    All VikingFest Silent Auction Bidders, Buyers, and Donors

    Allen and Julie Mack

    Allen and Sarah Lay (Kona Ice)

    Allen Wagner

    Amanda Starry

    Amy Hall

    Amy Hawkins

    Amy Wright

    Andrew and Angela Vonderembse

    Andrew and Melissa Chapman

    Andy’s Garden Center

    Ann and Mike Welch

    Ann Runner and Family

    Arliss and Christine Perry

    Baird Funeral Home

    Becky Weldy

    Ben Sampson

    Benjamin Battista

    Beth Culbertson and Family 

    Bill and Janie Hershberger

    Boak-Gilmer Music Scholarship Fund

    Board and Brush Studio (Tipp City)

    Bob Chance

    Bob Evans Restaurant, Troy

    Brandon and Tricia Fellers

    Brian and Melissa Fowle

    Brian Rohrer, ME Elementary Principal

    Brower Stationers

    Brukner Nature Center

    Bruns General Contracting, Inc.

    Buckeye AG Testing

    Carlie Wingate

    Carol Phillips

    Caroline (Steve Smith, Troy)

    Carolyn Hobart

    Chad and Jennifer Monnin and Sons

    Chick-fil-A (Doug Knostman, Troy)

    Chris Barnes

    Chris Weddle

    Christa Everett and ME Student Artists

    Cincinnati Museum Center

    Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

    Cindy Hirsch

    Clarence and Joyce Newnam

    Coldwater Café (Nick Hoover, Tipp City)

    Conover Lumber Co., Inc.

    Cove Springs Vocal Group

    Cris Snider

    Culver’s (Troy)

    Cynthia Sroufe

    Dan and Carole Kerber

    Daniel and Jaime Potter

    Daniel and Jennifer Light

    Daniel Morrett Scholarship Fund

    Dave Wagner

    David and Sandra Swigart

    David and Susan Norman

    Deborah Durand

    Denise Gibson and ME Student Artists

    Dennis and Ellen Donnelly

    Diana Yantis

    Diane Thorstad

    Doedee Trostel-Patton and Family

    Douglas and Sharon Buse

    Dustin and Karen Cathcart

    El Sombrero

    Elizabeth Township Community Center

    Eloquence Catering (Todd & Krystal Smith)

    Emerson Climate Technology

    Eric and Cynthia Potter

    Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc.

    Eula Kremer

    Family and Friends of David Martin

    Family and Friends of Fredia Summers

    Family and Friends of June Keim

    Fischvogt Family Living Trust

    Francis Furniture, Troy

    Fulton’s Farm Market

    Furst the Florist (Dayton)

    Garry and Anita Brown

    Gary and Gretchen Roeth

    Gene and Judy Overholser

    Gotham City Brass Quintet

    Greg Taylor

    Gregory and Debrah Fetters

    Gretchen Heidenreich

    Hannah Ivey

    Harlow Builders, Inc.

    Harold and Carolyn Cain

    Harris Jewelers (Troy)

    Hart’s Automotive Towing & Recovery, Inc.

    Hittles Jewelry (Troy)

    Hobart Arena

    Holly Yoder Scherer

    Hometown Hair by Sara (Flectcher)

    Hospice of Miami County

    Howard Wigdahl and Family

    Jack and Penny Hoekstra

    James and Jackie Hartzell

    James and Janet Taylor

    James and Nancy Brumbaugh

    Jamie Potter (Steel Aviation)

    Jan Gardner

    Janet Estey

    Janet Graham

    Janet Williamson

    Jared Baker

    Jason and Laurie Haak

    Jay and Mary’s Book Center

    Jean Morrow Scholarship Fund

    Jeanne Wagner

    Jeff Staudt

    Jenna Charney

    Jennifer and Kevin Smith (Arkhouse, Troy)

    Jennifer Householder

    Jennifer Hughes

    Jenny Zapadka (Rose Girl)

    Jeremy and Jessica Root

    Jim and Deanna Riley

    Jim and Nancy Brumbaugh

    Jo Lynn Werling

    Jodi Egbert

    Jodi Metzger

    Joe and Melissa Duer (Indian Creek Maple Syrup Distillery)

    John Cooper

    John Demmitt

    John Weddle

    Jolynn Colebaugh (Whimsical Faces)

    Jon and Connie Dembski and Family

    Joseph and Sheila Billhimer

    Julie Dewey

    Jumpy’s Fun Zone, Troy

    June Lewis

    Kalah Hollatz

    Karen Honeyman

    Karen Leffel

    Kathryn and William Lowder

    Kathryn C. White Scholarship Fund

    Keith and Barbara Brown

    Kendra Scott Corporation (Jewelry)

    Kenneth and Jennifer Kirby

    Kent and Kelly Markley

    Kevin Accurso

    Kevin Scully McMaken Memorial Fund

    Kings Island

    KitchenAid Experience (Greenville)

    KMH Cakes (Katie Harper)

    Kristy Hurst

    Kroger Corporation

    Larry and Barbara Coffing

    Larry and Carol Walker

    Larry and Judith Hess

    Laura Grise

    Lelah Payne

    Lester and Lennett Francis

    Light on the Hill (Todd and Krystal Smith)

    Linda Zerkle

    Lisa Fahncke

    Lisa Linn

    LoBelle Blooms (S. Fiessinger)

    Lois Group

    Lori Henger

    Lori Smith

    Lou Ann Jess

    Lowell and Mary Davis

    Mandy Paulus (Unique Viking V Hats)

    Margaret Prince

    Marion’s Piazza (Troy)

    Mark and Brenda Bodenmiller

    Mark and Margie Davis

    Mark Iiames

    Mark T. Bentley, D.D.S., Inc.

    Mary Ann Mumford

    Mary Davis and Friends with Accordions

    Mary Jacobs

    Mary Watson

    Matt Rutledge

    Matthew and Danielle Dillon

    Matthew and Sue Curtis

    Max H. Duff Family Scholarship Fund

    McDonald’s (Stacy Scott Family)

    Meadowview Growers (New Carlisle)

    Meijer (Troy)

    Miami County Agricultural Society

    Miami County Pet Sitters

    Miami County Sheriff’s Department

    Miami East After-Prom Parents

    Miami East Alumni Association

    Miami East Art Club Students, teacher Noelle Mumpower-Davis

    Miami East Elementary Staff Members

    Miami East High School FFA students,  teacher Marie Carity

    Miami East High School Home Economics classes, teacher Bethany Riddle

    Miami East High School Play Cast and Crew, Kristy Hurst

    Miami East Junior High Life Skills Classes, teacher Julie Mack

    Miami East Junior High Teachers

    Miami East Junior National Honor Society students, advisor Jenna Charney

    Miami East National Honor Society students, advisor Cynthia Sroufe

    Miami East Wrestling Team

    Michael and Natalie Rindler

    Michah and Leslie Mitchell

    Mike and Sandi Spilizewski

    Mikki  Schumacher (Scentsy)

    Mildred Wilgus Fredericks Scholarship Fund

    Minster Bank of Troy

    Morris and Mildred Duer Scholarship Fund

    Myrna Yoder

    Neil and Laura Nehring

    Nevin and Donna Elleman

    Newport Aquarium

    Nick and Therese Mengos

    Odyssey Salon

    Opsmark Corporation (Pro Trim of Ohio)

    Pattie Chappie

    Patty Taynor

    Paul and Jackie Thase

    Paul and Jill Huelskamp

    Peg Laidly

    Philip and Carol Smith

    Pioneer Rural Electric Cooperative

    Polished Nail Salon (Troy)

    Ranger Vic with his Calliope

    Ray’s Tune-Up

    Rebecca Flora

    Rob and Linda Brundrett

    Robert and Ann Baird

    Robert and Patricia Marlow

    Rusty and Kimberly Snodgrass

    Sandy Welker

    Sara Duff

    Sarah Meyer

    Scott and Kim Wagner (Beverly Wagner Memorial Scholarship)

    Seth and Jennifer Iiames

    Sharon Luttrell

    Sheila Kesling & Kelli Skakal (Echo Boutique)

    Shelly Davis

    Sheri Kearns

    Shirley Bird and Family (Indian Creek Spirit Wear)

    Sidney Electric Company

    Stacy Laughman (Salon Fit)

    Staunton Country Store

    Stephanie Collier

    Stephanie Mitrisin

    Steve and Julie Staton

    Steve and Lisa Colebaugh

    Story Point (Troy)

    Suber Shively Funeral Home

    Sunset Cleaners, Troy

    Susan Blocher

    1. C. Holzen, Inc.

    Tailored Stitch (S. Anderson)

    Tami Russell

    Tammy Parke

    Tapestry (Troy)

    Teresa Tucker

    The Load Depot (Troy)

    The Northern Barn (Amy Wilmer)

    The Troy Foundation (Giving Tuesday Matching Funds)

    Thomas and Lila Pierce

    Tiffany Williams (Whimsical Faces)

    Tim Williams

    Timothy and Jane Shown

    Timothy and Lorie Bruns

    Todd and Rebecca Rappold and Family

    Todd Gentis, ME High School Principal

    Tom and Kim Roeser

    Tony Bayman (Auctioneer)

    Tracy Frock (thirty-one)

    Trader Joe’s (Kettering)

    Troy Aquatic Park

    Troy Bowl

    Troy CARSTAR

    Troy Skate Club

    Troy Sports Center (Fred Middleton Family)

    US Bank, Troy

    Victor E.  Viking and Friends

    Walmart (Troy)

    Walnut Grove Learning Center (Karen Leffel and Amy Hawkins)

    Wells Brothers, Inc.

    Wendy Brunke

    William Liddy

    William and Beverly Klepinger

    William and Carol Sutherly

    William and Susan Whidden


Last Modified on May 20, 2020