• Classroom Expectations

     Our classroom is a family.  We need to respect everyone in the room, even if we find ourselves disagreeing.  This year can be one of your best if we work together.  If you have areas of strength, such as math or science, take a few moments when you're done with your work to help a classmate.  If you have an area of weakness, don't be afraid to seek out help from classmates or teachers.  I have established a few classroom rules to help us, and they are as follows:
    1. Respect all people in the room.  This does not mean you must be friends with everyone!  It means each person deserves to be heard and treated with kindness. 
    2. Keep your hands, feet, and negative comments to yourself.  You may "play fight" at home with your brothers or sisters, but don't do it here.  In most cases, someone ends up injured or upset. 
    3. Always come to class prepared: all books, supplies, and open minds.  Anything is possible if you are willing to try.  Telling yourself "I can't!" will insure you won't!
    4. Keep your papers, books, and supplies organized and in your area.  You will be sharing a lab table with a partner.  It is very easy to misplace books, etc if your things are not organized.  Do not expect your partner to do it for you or put up with your mess.
    5. Raise your hand to speak when in a class discussion.  I always try to call on as many people to participate as possible.  Sometimes, you will have to wait.
Last Modified on September 18, 2019