ALEKS Expectations 



    The ALEKS program will be a key component to this math course. Students are to complete quarterly ALEKS assignments outside of class time in order to extend classroom instructional knowledge. Students will be given an ALEKS username and password on the first day of school that they will keep with them all year. ALEKS can be accessed at any time at school or at home on various devices. 


    • You will be required to complete 20 topics every two weeks.  
    • Every topic counts as points toward your overall grade.  
    • By the end of each quarter your ALEKS grade will be equivalent to a test grade in the gradebook.  
    • You may not complete topics early.  You must complete the assignment within the window provided.  
    • If you complete extra topics within a time window, you can earn extra credit.  
    • If you do not have internet access at home, you need to plan ahead times when you can get to a computer lab at school.  I am happy to write you a pass to work during study hall.
    • Knowledge Checks will pop up randomly. Plan accordingly!
    • You have the entire school year’s assignments now.  The excuse of, “I didn’t know we had an assignment,” does not apply here.  Do not use it. ☺
    • If you complete the entire ALEKS pie you will earn a Pizza Pie Party with the rest of the Junior High students who completed their pies at the end of the year.




Last Modified on August 19, 2019