•  Mrs. Brown's Classroom Expectations

    In my classroom, students have four core expectations to help our class run smoothly:

    • Be kind
    • Be responsible
    • Be respectful
    • Work hard
    Students are expected to play a part in creating a safe environment that promotes learning. Talking out of
    turn, distracting off-task behavior, and disrespect will not be tolerated.
    • 1st offense – Warning
    • 2nd offense – Missed recess
    • 3rd offense – Detention/Parent contact
    • 4th offense - Office Referral 


    • Students will be assigned homework throughout the week. Unless otherwise stated, homework is
      to be completed and returned the next day. Students will be provided time to write down homework in their planner during class each day.
    • Assignments that are not quality and/or not fully completed will not be accepted.
    • Students who do not complete an assignment will be in from recess until the assignment is
    • For every three missing assignments a student has in a class, they will be assigned a detention.
      Detention is served for two days during lunch/recess.
    • For every four detentions a student is assigned, he/she will be assigned a Saturday School. 

    Absent Work

    • Tests missed as a result of a one-day absence have to be made up on day of return.
    • When a student misses school for an extended period of time, they must retrieve their work from the absent folders. Students have the same amount of days that they missed to complete the work. I.e: Student misses two days, he/she has two days to complete make up work.
    • If you miss my class due to arriving at school late or leaving early, you are expected to see me during intervention, study hall, or between classes on that day.  That day’s work must be turned in or it will be considered late.
Last Modified on October 11, 2021