• American History

     Upcoming Due Dates: 

    SmartBook - "Revolutionary War"  

    Due Date - December 1 

    (see the online textbook for details - log in information can be found in Google Classroom)


    November 29 - Students will examine the Battle of Yorktown and the end of the Revolutionary War.  Lesson 6-4

              Homework: Finish Chapter 5 and 6 Study Guide.


    November 30 - We will go over the study guide and review for tomorrow's test.

              Homework: Study for Chapter 5 and 6 Test. 


    December 1 - Test - Chapters 5 and 6


    December 2 - Begin Chapter 7.  Students will analyze the Articles of Confederation.  Lesson 7-1.


    December 3 - We will examine how the Confederation Congress handled land management out west and the passage of the Land Ordinance of 1785.  

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