Click here to view the Study Island paper
    that was handed out to every 8th grade student
    the first week of school. It is also available
    on my Google Classroom page under "Classwork."

    Topics will be assigned and completed as we are
    Please refer to the chart to see which topics are assigned for EACH CHAPTER.

    * * * If students are struggling with Study Island, here are a few tips: * * *

    1. Answer missed questions at the end of the session.


    2. Continue answering more questions to increase your percentage.


    3. Click on "Lesson" next to the topic and KEEP IT OPEN during your session so you can refer to it while answering questions. The goal of Study Island is to LEARN the material, so I encourage students to use their resources.


    4. Open another tab on internet to search for unfamiliar vocabulary terms to help find the correct answers.


    5. Feel free to look up answers in our text book. If you cannot find the term in the book, you may look it up online.


    6. Take notes on missed questions so you'll know the correct answer if/when you are asked it again.


    7. I will delete your bad sessions to help improve your scores, but I will only delete sessions with 60% or lower.


    8. If you do not have reliable internet access, please let me know so I can write  pass to the computer lab during study hall. *Your home internet not working at the last minute is NOT an excuse for incomplete Study Island homework (since you have WEEKS to complete the questions).


    9. You always have the option to work ahead on topics...but they cannot be completed after the due date.


    10. All assignments must be completed by the BEGINNING of your class period on the assigned day.



Last Modified on September 10, 2021