• Pencil


    1. Think positively!  (Have a great attitude and high expectations!)




    1. Be kind and respectful!!!

       (to everyone and everything…your teacher, your classmates, class materials, and yourself!)




    1. Participate!!! (Never be afraid to ask a question, make a mistake, or respectfully voice an opinion during class discussions.)




    1. Be appropriate!!! 
    • Writing is personal, and you are encouraged to express your thoughts and opinions. However, you may not provide writing that is insulting to your peers, offensive to groups of people, or clearly violent in nature. All written material shared in class or submitted for grading must be school appropriate.
    •  All material read in class must be school appropriate!




    1. Be prepared!!! (Be in class on time, and be prepared for class. This means having your own paper, your own pencil, your binder, your textbook, and your independent reading book every day unless I tell you differently.)
Last Modified on August 26, 2022