Grading and Work Policies for Mrs. Stevens's ELA Classes


    1. All assignments and tests must be completed in PENCIL or BLUE/BLACK ERASABLE PEN. Please erase mistakes instead of crossing out answers and turn in neat work.


    1. If your work is incomplete or too sloppy to read, it will not be graded.  A zero will go in the grade book until you have finished or redone the assignment. 10 points will be deducted from the grade once you’ve resubmitted.


    1. Intervention time is provided every morning from 7:38-7:55. Please see me for help during that time if you struggled with your assignment. This will help you learn instead of just guessing, and your homework grades will be higher.


    1. Late homework has 10 points deducted when it is submitted.  If the end of the quarter is near, there is an absolute cut-off for all late work, which will be given in class each quarter.  You are responsible for checking your grades and turning in missing work; it is not my job to nag you!


    1. Three homework zeroes in one quarter results in detention. Each subsequent missed assignment earns you a detention. If you miss homework, you must fill in a line on your page in the missing homework binder.


    1. Following an absence, you are responsible for seeing me during intervention the next day to get work you missed and make arrangements to make up tests/quizzes.  Please don’t wait until class.


    1. Anyone caught copying from another student or plagiarizing will receive a zero on the assignment and will receive a detention or stricter punishment, as outlined in the student handbook.  Zeroes resulting from cheating/plagiarizing will stand and work cannot be redone for credit.


    1. Independent reading/Accelerated Reader points will be scored using the scale on the A.R.  handout. You MUST fill out an AR slip before taking a quiz and hand it to me or else the points will not count!


    1.  Grading Scales:

    Literature:                                                       English:

      1. Homework (15%)                               a.  Homework (15%)
      2. In-class work/lit. analysis (30%)           b.  In-class work/Informal writing (20%)
      3. Tests and Quizzes (40%)                     c.  Grammar Quizzes (15%)
      4. Independent Reading/AR (15%)          d.  Formal Writing (35%)

                                                              e.  Vocabulary Quizzes/Chunks (15%)


Last Modified on August 26, 2022