• Classroom Policies


    Mrs. Mack


    Students are expected to behave in a way that promotes a good learning atmosphere in the classroom.




    1)       Come to class prepared.

    It is important to be seated when the tardy bell rings so class can begin.  Make sure you have your planner, folder, pencil, paper, and calculator.


    2)       Show respect for the teacher, other students, and equipment.

    Disruptive behaviors like talking without permission, profanity, cheating, or disrespect will not be tolerated.  Writing on desks or other equipment is prohibited.


    3)       Complete assignment book and homework.

                    Planners should be used for writing daily assignments.  Completing homework by the due date is expected.


    4)       Participate in class.

    Learning to ask specific questions pertaining to the material is important and helpful.  Strive to do your best in all your work.


    5)       Obey all school policies in the student handbook.




    1)       Verbal warning from teacher.


    2)       Verbal warning and meeting with teacher.  (Detentions will be given according to school policies.)


    3)       Visit principal with written referral.


      Severe Disruption:  Immediate removal from class to Principal’s Office.



Last Modified on March 21, 2022