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    Ohio House Bill 487 (ORC 3313.536) requires schools to inform students and parents/guardians of how you would be notified in an emergency situation.

    In the event Miami East Local Schools were to suffer/encounter some type of an emergency or crisis situation during the school day, such as a terroristic attack, natural, or unnatural disaster, school administration will communicate information to parents/guardians as soon as practical in light of the circumstances. 

    The school’s first priority in any incident would be to ensure the safety of students and staff.  Once the situation is at a manageable point, school administration would communicate to parents in the following priority:

    1. "One Call Now" phone messaging
    2. Text (Based on OneCall Now Text Sign-up) 
    3. Social Media (Twitter, Miami East School website)
    4. News Media
    5. Direct school to parent phone calls (Emergency Medical Authorization forms-IF NECESSARY)

    In the event of an emergency, students would be released to parents/guardians in a controlled, accountable fashion.  Parents would be notified of where and when to meet your students so as to avoid bottlenecks and make for a quicker and safer reunification process.  

    If you have questions, feel free to contact your building principal or the Central Office.



    The Miami East School District will periodically utilize the One Call Now system to relay information to parents.  The alerts will be sent to your home phone number. 

    If you would like to switch your home phone number to a cell number instead…simply contact Dr. Rappold with that change at trappold@miamieast.k12.oh.us

    Even if you updated your phone number last year, please contact Dr. Rappold with any phone number you want listed other than your home number this year.  This update must be completed every year.  Simply contact Dr. Rappold with that change and the name of your son/daughter at trappold@miamieast.k12.oh.us


    Miami East now has a phone line that will announce delays and/or cancellations due to weather. The number is 335-5439. When dialed, a recorded message will announce the delay/closing.


    The Superintendent and Director of Transportation carefully watch the weather conditions during the snow season.
    The school district staff listens to the weather forecasts. The Superintendent tests the road conditions on our bus routes beginning at 4:30 a.m. Careful consideration is given to the most dangerous bus routes in the district. So, even if it looks clear on your street, dangerous conditions may exist in other parts of our district.

    The safety of all children in the district is our primary concern when making our decision. In deciding whether children will be safe, we look at the following factors:

    • Information on road conditions from the director of transportation and from other administrators, including whether the roads are icy;
    • The time snow starts and the amount of snow;
    • Weather predictions.
    • Building conditions (eg., whether we have power and heat);
    • Parking lot conditions;
    • Temperature and wind-chill; and
    • The safety for walkers (eg., are sidewalks safely passable)
    The superintendent of schools is responsible for the final decision, based on the above factors and recommendations from the Director of Transportation .
    The superintendent makes the decision as early as possible so that radio and TV stations can be notified.
    Several area media will be contacted to assist us in notifying students and parents of delays and/or closings. Always monitor these media during inclement weather: WDTN Channel 2, WHIO Channel 7, WKEF Channel 22, WPTW Radio 1570 AM, and WHIO Radio 1290 AM will be contacted. Other stations often carry the information as well.


Last Modified on September 25, 2017