• Mrs. Reynolds’s Classroom Expectations

    • BE RESPECTFUL! Respect yourself, your peers, your teachers, and your surroundings.
    • BE PREPARED! When you come to class you should have ALL of the following things each day:
      • A pencil with an eraser
      • Math book
      • Notebook paper/graph paper
      • Calculator (unless you are in ALGEBRA I)
    • BE FLEXIBLE! This year is likely going to be full of changes, as we are embarking on more uncharted waters! Please try to keep in mind that we are learning and navigating this together. I will do all that I can do remain as consistent and understanding as possible. I ask that you do the same.
    • BE ORGANIZED! We will organize your binders together at the beginning of the semester. Your job is to keep these binders looking orderly throughout the year. 
    • BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! Practice behaviors of a good student in order to achieve.  These include, but are not limited to, doing your homework every day, taking detailed notes, asking questions, SHOWING YOUR WORK, and paying attention in class.  If you do these things, this year is bound to be a success!

    Any and all other expectations and classroom routines will be presented in class over the course of the next few weeks.  I look forward to working together to make this school year a positive experience!


    -Mrs. Reynolds

Last Modified on August 22, 2023